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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part V
The statement is of vital importance; it expresses our immediate objectives and the nature of the field of service in which you - as a group and not as individuals - can function. This manipulation of energies has (for centuries) been carried forward by us but its effects have only been registered unconsciously by man. We have (speaking symbolically) rayed forth the light and distributed the water of life in a wide and general distribution with here and there (and rarely) some one isolated individual, responding actively and consciously. He thus became a tiny focal point of spiritual energy and light. Now it has seemed to us possible to focus the light and knowledge much more definitely and to form groups on earth - composed of the isolated, responding individuals - so that more light and more knowledge can be spread abroad. This we decided to do in two ways:
  1. Through the collaboration of all the Masters of the Great White Lodge, working through their own disciples.
  2. Through the specifically focused activity of the Masters Morya and Kut Humi and myself, their servant and disciple.

Through the first method, the New Group of World Servers came into being and the disciples and aspirants of the world, working on all the rays and under the guidance - consciously or unconsciously recognized - of the Masters who are specifically pledged to help humanity. Thus a vast powerhouse and station of light has been formed. It is a diffused and widespread light and its channels are to be found all over the world, in every country and in every major city. This you know and with this branch of the work (to which I am personally pledged) you are actively cooperating and should cooperate.

But it was felt that it should also be possible to focus the light still more intensively through smaller and more carefully chosen and selected groups. Through these much smaller groups of disciples, the phenomenal appearance of certain types of energy could be expressed; certain powers could be unfolded and a more specialized experiment be possible. Peculiar powers [54] could be studied and focused, intensified light and power could be so clearly demonstrated that the sons of men would come to recognize the influence and to give proof of the supernormal which is the heritage of future centuries.

To this particular branch of hierarchical work, I pledged myself; it would provide the nucleus for the coming types of civilization and the characteristics and activities which could be unfolded under the incoming new major influences. These have always interested me and I have specialized in them. Naturally, I looked around among those whose lives I have been watching - sometimes for several incarnations. Among these were those of you who are now working with me. These groups constitute the germ of a great experiment. If successful, they will, in the course of the next 275 years:

  1. Anchor on earth certain types of the higher forces which the race needs and which are not yet active.
  2. Develop the six supernormal powers to which I have referred above.
  3. Train the group members in that synthetic relation which characterizes the Hierarchy and so prepare them for initiation.

Out of these groups will be picked those who can be definitely prepared for certain expansions of consciousness and who can be trusted to contact aspects of the Plan, hitherto not revealed. As you make progress in this work and as you seek to understand the group implications, it will become ever more clear to you what the Plan really is. It is as difficult for me to explain the underlying purpose of this group work to you as it would be to explain decimal fractions to a seven year old child no matter how brilliant he might be. But if you have the needed patience, the willingness to work impersonally and proceed with love, if you will submerge your personalities in the group life, you will know, you will perceive and the light will break in; the power to work will come to you. We shall then have radiant focal points or light bearers and channels for the planned distribution of force - a thing which has never yet been upon the scale which we now contemplate. [55]

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