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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - B.S.D.
January 1937


I am glad that you regard yourself as sensitive to my vibration, for so you are. But not as often as you think. It is so easy for aspirants to confound the second ray vibration - as it expresses itself through a second ray group such as my group of disciples - with my individual vibration. Disciples need to train themselves to distinguish:

  1. The vibration of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  2. The vibration of the Master M. or the Master K.H. should they happen to use the ray vibration for purposes of stimulating a group.
  3. My vibration, which is naturally strongly colored by the second ray.
  4. The vibration of a second ray group which is an aggregate of all the notes and tones of the disciples in the group.
  5. The vibration of advanced second ray disciples. This can at times be confused with mine.
  6. The vibration of sixth ray groups which respond to a second ray vibration. Their work lies predominantly on the astral plane and is contacted relatively easily.

A consideration of the above may indicate to you something of value. Curiously enough you and your fellow-disciple B.S.W. represent the two extreme poles in this process of theoretical recognition. You both recognize a certain contact yet, practically, B.S.W. is more sensitive to my vibration than you are; he loses much, however, by an imposed impersonality to it; you lose much by being too sure at times. [118]

In connection with this matter of sensing vibration, it is of value to remember that all sensing is naturally and normally an astral or an emotional reaction. In considering my group, I am impressed (yes, and somewhat amused) by the effort of some of you - and of you, in particular - to repudiate emotional or astral sensitivity. Some of you admit it but regard it as undesirable; others consider it as something to be inhibited or to be unexpressed and ignored. Few of you, if any, look upon the astral body as a divine expression of reality with its definite and specific uses.

These questions which I have imposed upon your minds are in the nature of what might be called "catch" questions. The astral body is - in its time and place - of as real value, purpose and usefulness as the mind. It serves to relate the higher impression to the lower and you cannot record my vibration in the physical brain consciousness except through its mediation. You can be aware of my vibration upon the plane of the soul and your mind consciousness can be impressed by it. Unless, however, the sensory body, the emotional vehicle, is also active in the right sense (negative to the world of the senses and receptive to mental impression) that impression will not be registered in the brain or waking consciousness.

Much that you say in your communications in the form of written papers upon this subject deals with the effect that your work and life has upon others through your manipulation of the forces with which disciples have to learn to work, and which are productive of real benefit to others as they study them and watch the reactions called forth. It is of value, however, to note the differing type of reactions evoked when:

  1. You work with those subordinate to you upon the Path, those who are the average people or the probationers who are treading the Path for the first time. With this type of person you have much to do. Is their effect upon you of the most desirable kind?
  2. Your interrelation with those who are your equals upon the Path and those whose vibration occultly "neutralizes" yours, or "parallels in intensity" yours and consequently evokes from you (as evidence from them of status) no [119] reaction practically, except a sense of well-being or comradeship.
  3. Your recognition of those ahead of you upon the Path who can - if they so choose - call forth from you or evince in you a powerful response.

We are beginning to deal with the more occult subtleties in our work and for these you must be prepared. Your papers and replies to the questions given to you deal primarily with your work in connection with your spiritual inferiors. How about your spiritual equals and superiors? Reread Your questions and replies in this light and see what response is then evoked in you. The initiate of the fifth degree in Atlantean times had to evidence the right use of emotion. In Aryan times, the initiate of the second degree has to evidence this. Are you, my brother, prepared to say that this evidence can be produced?

You entered this group work as the result of serious and earnest seeking, ancient karmic ties, much questioning which wrested response from your soul and the earned right of a pledged server who had worked steadfastly alone for many years. You brought to this group activity certain assets of a pronounced nature and certain liabilities, equally pronounced - as have all the group members. My task is to use the assets in the group and to aid you in relinquishing the liabilities. ...I would ask you, therefore, to ponder on this matter, standing as the soul upon the narrow razor-edged path between the pairs of opposites - your assets and your liabilities - viewing them with complete detachment. The occult sentences in which I would like to state your problem and its solution are as follows:

"The magnet swings, and swinging, fails to touch the pleading hands, held forth for help. It swings in heaven high, held by the soul - serene and unafraid - whose will is firm, whose eyes are clear, whose heart is slowly opening to a distant sound - a sound of pain and sorrow, of weakness and distress.

"The magnet drops into the mass of clutching hands. It disappears from view. Disturbance then occurs. The soul, [120] whose eyes serene have looked upon the far horizons of the world, withdraws its gaze. Both eyes are focused on the tumultuous group of seekers after truth. The soul searches for the magnet and sees it not, for it is hidden in the forms of many men. The soul descends and walks the way of earth and not the ways of mind. The far horizon disappears. The vision just before the eyes succeeds; the immediate takes the place of that which has been distant. And in that place immediate, the magnet reappears."

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