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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - F.C.D.
To  F. C. D.

January 1933

To my fellow disciple, F. C. D., who works in that loneliness which is so difficult for the second ray type, I would say the following: Your problem is twofold and when it yields to solution then your field of service - already large - will increase. You have the problem of a devitalized etheric body and also of a heart attached to many and hence unduly strained and taxed by others. There are many demands upon your sympathies. By the time you have reached the age of fifty years you should have achieved the difficult undertaking of becoming the sannyasin [139] in the Western world. This B. S. W. has already achieved and could help you if you, with frankness, cared to correspond with him. You have somewhat to give him too.

The problems of the etheric body will yield to treatment if the suggestions made to C. D. P. are noted and if the diet (in your case) is carefully controlled and regulated... It is not my intention to indicate to those who work in my group the methods they should follow as regards diet. Such things differ for each individual.

You have necessarily at this stage the vices of your second ray virtues. You suffer from attachment and from a too rapid identification with other people. This can be handled if you stand steadfast as a soul and do not focus as a personality in dealing with people - both in your home circle and in your world service. You need to bear in mind that your relation is with souls and not with temporary forms and so you must live detached from personalities, serving them but living ever in the consciousness of the soul - the true sannyasin.

Carry your meditations forward exclusively in the head, therefore, except for some incidental practice in connection with the spleen (which I will give you to follow) with a view to etheric vitalization. Your heart center is sufficiently awakened for this life and greater sensitivity would be a handicap. The perfect fulfilment of your duty and your freedom inwardly from ties will spell for you that measure of liberation which will release you to fuller service. If you have questions which you seek to ask me, brother of old, I will with gladness reply.

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