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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - J.W.K-P.
June 1936


You are in process of gathering together your forces for another cycle of activity in connection with the New Group [165] of World Servers. Forget not, all creative processes proceed with a cyclic rhythm. The rhythm set by the New Group of World Servers is a three year cycle and to this rhythm you will find yourself conforming. The end of one such cycle came in May, 1936. Another towards which we will proceed in a mounting crescendo of work and of success will be in May, 1939. The third will come in May, 1942. Have these dates carefully in mind and thus lay your plans for the future. Thus will you be working with the law and along the lines of least resistance. Make each three year cycle conform to the rhythm of creation. In the first year, lay your emphasis upon the activity of the manifesting principle, using that which appears and with which you have to work. In the second year, let the clarity and the quality of the note to be sounded by the manifesting form appear and be heard. In the third year, behind the form and expressing itself through the quality, let the livingness and the work of the indwelling life emerge for all to see. Bear this in mind as you consolidate the work. The keynote of the first year's work is consolidation, that of the second year must be expansion whilst the keynote of the third year must be the making of a definite impact upon the public consciousness, by the sounding and the emphasizing of some one clear note. If this cyclic measure is kept thus in mind, no serious mistakes will be made... The New Group of World Servers must work in these three year cycles and the foundation of cyclic attainment must be laid. This cyclic rhythm will release from strain and yet enable the workers in the Group to feel that there is no failure. It is impossible to do good work where a sense of failure or lack of attainment is found.

One thing I would like here to point out and that is that there are many in other countries, scattered all over the world, who have a close and intimate work to do because they are actively associated with the New Group of World Servers. They have not yet made their contact with you or with those in my particular group of disciples. You must learn, as must the other members of my group, to recognize them. Where there is a recognition of principles, of impartiality in service and pure intelligent goodwill, then give freely of your time and help. Hold out the hand of fellowship. Where there is life and the [166] type of seed is one, then the same flower will appear throughout the world in all lands. Naught can alter the expression of the type and the genus of the manifestation. Bear this in mind.

As for you, my brother, keep close to your own soul. Walk carefully and guardedly. Tread fearlessly and joyously in the light of your soul and in the blended light of your group brothers.

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