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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - I.A.P.
January 1940


I would suggest to you that your major danger at this time lies in a glamor which is the result of loneliness. There are certain glamors which work out as the result of a too close and restricted inner, spiritual life and an imposed introspection. Having no one to whom to talk and being far from your spiritual brothers, you are much alone; and being in a position of the one who teaches and who gives, you stand somewhat isolated and have withdrawn yourself - perhaps unduly, even if unavoidably - from the personality angle. This results in your creating a potent thought-form of aspiration, of spiritual interpretation and of spiritual aims and goals. But this constitutes a thought-form, my brother, no matter how lofty in nature, and can result in a pronounced glamor and a glamorous control in some form or another. It can speak to you and condition your psychology and of it you should be aware and so on guard; you should recognize it as your own creation, to be conditioned and controlled by you and not vice versa. You will, I think, know to what I refer.

Free yourself from this glamor for the sake of the service you have so efficiently rendered to us. Learn to recognize that the time limit is brief and that for you (as for your fellow disciples and for A.A.B.) only those things must be done which are of service to the whole and which are already set in motion. The initiating of new endeavors when the time in which to complete those for which you are responsible is relatively brief can constitute a glamor of a most handicapping nature. I thank you for what you have done in our service and I ask you [189] to go forward along the lines you have already so firmly established.

NOTE: This disciple is still struggling, under conditions of great loneliness and in one of the Latin countries to carry out the Tibetan's work and doing so most successfully.

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