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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - S.S.P.
November 1934


I have but little to say to you this half year, so brief a time have you been working in this group. The doors of opportunity have opened wide for you, for your increased stimulation (through your group affiliation) has so enhanced your potency that your vibration attracted attention where your words on occult matters would have fallen on deaf ears. Herein is your field of service and herein lies your test. Particularly for you the word magnetism should be considered. You have some definite magnetic power. This you know. But through which center will it flow, and via which body? I give you here a thought and I indicate to you a field of awareness, concerning yourself, that you should learn to master. Some day you will be forced to face the issue and decide from what plane and through which body you will work. Will you be mentally magnetic, and stimulate the mental bodies of those you serve, or will your magnetism be astral and feed the emotional nature of those you contact? Animal magnetism is not what interests you, but that which you have can be consecrated, through reticence and control, to service. Egoic or soul magnetism should be your goal, and from that point of soul influence you can some day work. But as the soul makes magnetic all three bodies, you must learn control and right use; otherwise soul force, pouring through that which is uncontrolled, will inevitably destroy.

Keep on with the same meditation. Later I will give you an entirely new mode of meditation, if you proceed with this as desired. I would ask you to keep careful monthly records. They need not be long but must be sincere. Note specifically and accurately your emotional effect upon:

  1. Your family.
  2. Your associates.
  3. Those to whom you lecture or preach.
  4. The lives you touch each day.

Note this, brother of old, and enter on your record in your spiritual diary. Thus will you learn to work and understand. [192] Study again with care what I said to you a few months ago and may the clarity of light guide your heart, your thoughts, and aspiration.

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