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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - S.S.P.
August 1937


During the past six months, you have made definite progress and are now far more of a strength, inner and stable, to my group than you have ever been. Preserve this stability and this freedom from criticism which you have in some real measure achieved, seeing to it that this stability does not crystallize into a static condition or this freedom from criticism does not interfere with the quality of free analysis.

This group of disciples is more aligned, and integrated, than it was and if this integration proceeds and rapport is more strongly established, we can indeed proceed to work later on. This work is, in the last analysis, dependent upon certain rightly established rapports:

  1. Between the group members and myself, your Tibetan Brother.
  2. Between the group, as a whole, and the Hierarchy.
  3. Between this group of chelas and other groups in my Ashram.
  4. Between the individual members in the group.

I would ask you to ponder on these matters.

I have said that I would deal with the rays of the personality vehicles during the coming instructions, so that you can realize your individual problem more easily and, therefore, more quickly fit yourself for service. As you know, your personality [201] ray is the fifth and your mental ray is the fourth and the ray of your physical body is the third: 5-4-3. These are the Rays of Concrete Knowledge, of Harmony through Conflict (wrought out, therefore, in your case in the mind nature) and Active Intelligence. It will be apparent to you then, if you think clearly, why your physical vehicle is such a good response apparatus to mental impression, and why your life problem is tied in with the physical plane location or environment where your personality finds itself. Your problems come far more from your circumstances and your environment than from within yourself. Is this not so, my brother? This is not so usual a condition as might appear. You are singularly free from inner complexes but also singularly responsive to outer circumstance. Ponder on this, because it will make your way of life more clear, and will greatly facilitate your progress on the Way.

The inhibitions to the free play of the light of the soul through you in your environment are not be found in any particular mental or astral reaction but in the response your entire personality makes to your outer environing conditions. That response produces an outer swirl of forces in your aura wherein comes opportunity for your fourth ray mind to produce harmony through conflict, and skill in action, which is the true significance of the subsidiary names of this ray, called frequently the Ray of Art or Beauty. It is the ray of creative living, and not creative art. Creative living produces beauty and harmony in the outer life, so that others can see the achievement.

How can this skill in action be produced? How can this predisposition of yours to produce harmony in spite and because of conflict be facilitated? By a strongly mental meditation which will bring in the light of the soul, which, in your case, is love-wisdom, and bring it in such power that the combination of wisdom and of skill in action (in order to manifest harmony) will produce the emergence of the inner pattern into the outer theme of your daily living. I would point out to you that you are more strongly on the wisdom line than on the love line, and, under our plan of individual analysis, you would be listed as on the "Buddha Way" more than upon the "Christ [202] Way." To work this out effectively, you should concentrate your attention upon this theme of wise and skillful living, as it expresses itself in your environment. This will tend to extrovert you very considerably, to focus you on physical plane living, and to bring your brain consciousness (and consequently your outer activities) into line with soul wisdom and soul desire.

There is no particular need for you at this time to pay much attention to your astral or emotional condition. Focus your inner attention in two aspects of your nature: the soul and the brain, through the use of the illumined mind. You will see, therefore, why I asked you the questions I did in the last instructions, and required your defined answers.

I will give you a fourth ray meditation which must be carefully followed by you until you next hear from me. Do this meditation rapidly, at a point of tension and of fusion, and do it dynamically with all the power of your illumined will behind it...

Proceed with confidence, my brother, knowing that all is well. You have two major physical plane problems which are well recognized by you and are known to me. Solve them, if possible, during the coming six months by the aid of the thoughts which I have today given you.

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