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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - I.S.G-L.
January 1940

How shall I approach you, my beloved brother, at this time and how indicate to you your prevailing glamor without, at the same time, so wounding your sensitive nature that I shall do more harm than good? And, I ask myself, how much revelation is needed by you, for, are you not aware of two glamors which prevent the full expression of your soul and hinder the ripening to perfection of your truly dedicated life?

Ponder upon these words as you pass through the "intruding seclusion" of the coming months, for so your personality may regard the adjustments of your soul. I will but give a name to your two glamors and will leave you to deal with them or not as may seem best to you. Upon your method, however, of aspecting them will depend much of the effectiveness of your future service for us. To that service you are unflinchingly dedicated, and from that service naught will turn your steps. But delay might eventuate until the needed lesson has been mastered.

One of the glamors which controls you is that of the highest level of the astral plane. One of the Masters has called it "the glamor of the rose of aspiration as it pours through the solar plexus and not through the heart." Another is the glamor of the Burning Ground which can so engross the attention of the disciple or the initiate that his spiritual place thereon, the results of the clarifying fires and the heat of purification become the all-absorbing theme of the personality and brother of mine, the personality must be lost to sight in the "glory of the One." [225]

Need I further elaborate? Is not my meaning clear to you, even though to no one else? I stand with you and will continue to stand, for whether I am on the burning ground or on the mountain top, whether I am silent in the secret place or surrounded by the surging crowds of humanity, it matters not. The lessons of divine indifference, once mastered, release the soul to union with the One. Surely it might be said that he whom I and you and all disciples serve, the Christ, demonstrated in Gethsemane his sensitivity to that lesson and also his mastering of it.

NOTE: This brother is still actively cooperating with the Tibetan.

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