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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - I.B.S.
To  I. B. S.

March 1932


You have entered my group of disciples for a certain specific training and in that word "training," you have the keynote of your intended accomplishment. The training to be given calls for no enforced obedience but it does entail the submission of the personality to the will of the soul and not to that of the lower desire nature, no matter how fine or aspirational. I seek to indicate to you modes of unfoldment and to give you hints as to capacity. Beyond that I have no function.

You have been working and serving for years, and it is that service and that aspiration which have carried you forward into definite training for initiation. In a certain sense, therefore, you have been accepted as a chela and to me has been assigned the work of safeguarding you. I say "work" with deliberation and ask you to ponder the phrase I employed. How long you will be preparing for such a step in the expansion of your consciousness is of no importance and I ask you to forget it. But it is of importance that you get out of this opportunity its utmost usefulness.

You may well imagine, brother of mine, that it is not my [236] intention to waste my time or yours in feeding pride with flattery or in holding out to you a vision of a notable future. The physical plane realities emerge out of a true, inner, spiritual development, and if you are sincere (and this I do believe you to be) you will welcome the plain speaking and truth - no matter how temporarily humiliating you may find it to be. If all is ultimately to be revealed as men develop the powers of the soul, it is time we learned to know one another as we are and to regard exposure as a means towards eradication.

You have two main difficulties and before you can go forward into a greater liberty these must be, in some measure, overcome. The one that looms the larger in your consciousness is that of the physical plane handicap of an unstable digestive system. The one that looms the larger (in the consciousness of those who seek to help upon the inner side) is an over-emphatic personality, with its attention focused on the personality and on its doings, instead of being focused upon the inspiring soul.

The result of this tendency is an excessive intensity of vibration which wrecks and shatters the mechanism. Your sixth ray personality produces an intense adherence to your ideals and to the truth, as you see it; it produces also a one-pointedness which has led to a focusing of energy in the head. This has been intensified also, owing to our western civilization being immersed in the thought-form of the Piscean Age the age of the sixth ray which is still with us. When the first ray energy of the soul pours in and blends itself with the sixth ray force, the shattering effect is increased and the personality carries more force than it can handle. That energy is also unevenly distributed and goes primarily to the throat and to the solar plexus, causing a disturbance and an upsetting of the balance of the forces in the body. This, in its turn, produces a disturbance in the alimentary tract and when this disturbance becomes an established habit, a very real problem is presented.

You ask: What shall, therefore, be done? I will give some suggestions which you can follow or not as you choose.

  1. Lose sight of yourself in loving other people and feed not personality satisfaction in a constant managing of their affairs. [237]
  2. You have a gift of love and understanding. Use it as a soul and not so much as a personality.
  3. Learn to put first things first and do not pay so much attention to the small but engrossing details, presented by circumstances and by other people. These feed personality satisfaction as you handle them with your undoubted efficiency. Sit back and let the life aspect work in you and in others.

Your digestive difficulties will be much aided and might disappear when you have established a constructive relation between your soul and your personality and when you can live in your heart and not in your solar plexus.

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