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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.V.B.
July 1935


I gave you in my previous instruction much upon which you can still work. There is much that you have not yet fully grasped and I would like you to reread what I said with renewed care and understanding. With the exception of two of this particular group of disciples, all are in training for greatly extended service and that service will begin to take form very shortly... Until that time arrives, work at an intensification of your understanding and heightening of your vibration.

In the daily round of duties and of detail comes for you the opportunity to transfigure life in terms of accomplishment. In these words are to be found for you the objective of this life's endeavor. True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance and stable uniform activity; but, brother of mine, in this activity and general accomplishment there must come - as [269] the years go by - what I might call crises of achievement. There must be culminating moments when the uniform activity climaxes into hours of dynamic crisis. Then one cycle of work ends in some direction or another and a new cycle of activity commences in the same place and within the limits of the same general endeavor; this is consciously recognized as a new beginning. Unless such moments of crisis occur, the life simmers down to a general dead level and (even if useful) offers not the chance for an extreme effort with its consequent need to draw upon the full resources of the soul.

The routine of the daily demands can usually be met by the technique of an aligned personality and in your case this is particularly so. It must, however, have in it - if it is to be adequate to the demands of this day and period of opportunity - those moments wherein the personality demands the full cooperation of the soul. Every such moment of fusion increases the personality potential and its vibratory influence; it also initiates those unfoldment that profoundly and deeply change the rhythm of the life. In these days, all working disciples must learn to use their entire equipment and every aspect of their physical nature, the whole man in the threefold world of human evolution.

One point might here be noted. The extremity of the disciple in service finally draws out the interest of the soul. After the third initiation, the extremity of the soul (speaking symbolically and conveying no true meaning to the aspirant) evokes the cooperation of the Monad. Thus service is the scientific mode, par excellence, to evoke spiritual integration and to call forth the resources of a divine son of God. I am emphasizing this to you as I seek to have you note, during this coming year, the points of crisis in your life which are the outcome of the pressure to serve.

Note these in the following way and ask yourself the following questions, entering the relation of the crisis in your spiritual diary:

  1. What was the form of service which produced the crisis?
  2. Was it in the field of the emotional or the mental life?
  3. What steps did I take to produce a fuller soul experience in order to meet the necessity? [270]
  4. Did the crisis produce any definite after-effects of a relatively permanent nature in the lower bodies?

During the next few years such crises are possible. It is also possible that two of them may pass unrecognized by you. Therefore, my brother, watch with care your daily life and note the moments of opportunity wherein, given a little more stimulation, your field of accomplishment may expand and your vibratory rate be increased.

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