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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.V.B.
July 1937


As you study your rays, the reason for the close relation between you and some of your fellow disciples will emerge into your consciousness more clearly. It is a relation not only of agelong mutual service and of understanding but also of analogous energies and forces and similarity in use.

Your mental body is on the fourth ray; hence your power to harmonize and to avert conflict, thus acting as a calm center in the whirlpool of activity with which you are surrounded. This is your dominant contribution to the work; I would have you ponder on this and intensify your effort to play this part and above all to play it dynamically. It is a vital service which you can render, my brother, and you have hitherto rendered it with success. I would have you render it more consciously and, therefore, more dynamically.

Your emotional body is upon the second ray and your development along this line is sound and good.

Your physical body is on the third ray; it is here that your major problem lies. It is closely connected with your mental problem which is that of an increased dynamism. The dynamic power of your soul must pour through your fourth ray mind, galvanizing it into a renewed, inclusive, loving, harmonizing activity. Be more outgoing (as a part of your self-initiated training) to those, for instance, with whom your daily lot is cast. They need help. Give them of that help freely and fully. The third Ray of Activity which governs your physical body is unduly quiescent and should be awakened by the soul to increased coordinated purpose.

The following rays must, therefore, be taken into your consideration as you seek to live as a soul and to coordinate your personality:

  1. The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  2. The personality ray - the fourth Ray of Harmony.
  3. The ray of the mind - the fourth Ray of Harmony.
  4. The ray of the astral body - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. [276]
  5. The ray of the physical body - the third Ray of Active Intelligence.

You will, from this tabulation, notice the relation existing between your personality ray and your mental ray and that between the ego and the emotional body. These indicate to you lines of least resistance.

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