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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.A.O.
February 1934


The question as to the usefulness of this particular group work has been somewhat answered in your consciousness, through your application to the work itself and what you have learnt thereby. The significance of the inner integration of free souls, independent and standing upon their own feet, yet voluntarily seeking union with the soul in group formation is assuming importance to you. A living organism and not a vital organization warrants consideration, and its life seems worth fostering. This you have recognized.

You ask yourself, however, at times: "Of what specific usefulness am I, as an individual, in the teacher's group?" The development of your fellow disciples is not uniform; some are possessed of this or that quality, and lack others; some function primarily on the plane of mind, others on the plane of the emotions. You have a fair measure of the intuition already developed, and - as I earlier pointed out to you - you can serve your group and facilitate their work in this connection. All gained quality of any kind must be regarded by the individual as a group asset and not as a personal achievement. This requires emphasizing and involves clear thinking and detachment on the part of the group members. All true recognition calls for these qualities. Therefore, my brother, seek increasingly to foster this germ of the intuition from the purely unselfish motive of group usefulness, remembering that the blending of the mind and the intuition produces a consequent organization of spiritual faculty which works out in power and magnetic force or radiation in the personal life.

Your first ray personality can intensify the usefulness of this conjunction, just in so far as you can work constructively in your chosen field of work and with your fellow students. A first ray personality can cause the soul much difficulty when not [281] subordinated in all humility to group service. When the personality is guided by the intuition and by clear thinking and the life on the physical plane is given to the freely imposed rhythm of organized service, then power can be conferred, and definite usefulness be the result.

You might ask here, and rightly so, how this intuitive sensitiveness of yours can be of service to the group with which you are associated. Let me, if you will, give you a meditation which will render group service and which will aid me in my work of awakening these members of my Ashram to the light of the intuition. This meditation is based on the recognition that separation is founded on personality living, but that in the realm of the soul there is no separation but only a free circulation of spiritual life, light and love. Do this meditation once a week and also at the time of the full moon, but continue with that already assigned by me in my last instruction to you, as your own daily exercise...

I would like to point out that if you work this way, with the emphasis laid upon the giving-forth aspect, there will be no danger of the growth of any mental control over your group brothers. Fifteen minutes given to this service once a week will bring to you its own reward. But of that you need not think.

Steadiness in all relations, in all relations, my brother, is a needed growth, and discipline or ordered habit is of real usefulness to you. This must be applied not so much from the standpoint of organizing the personality but of your release from time limitations. Be the ruler of your time and make the hours of each day your servants, exacting from each hour its full quota of work or rest, without the sense of undue pressure or rush. When the time problem is solved by you, you will enter into a greatly increased usefulness. In this there has already been real advance, but the effort can be carried still further forward when your interest in the significance of time is evoked more fully. But this must be done gradually, for the creative, intuitive worker has the problem of working in the realm of the timeless, and from that point of awareness he must employ time in the art of producing that which he seeks to express. You will understand whereof I speak.

Seek for the next few months, therefore, to increase your [282] intuitive service, to be the master of your time, to walk through life and to handle all your relations from that center of peace whereof you know, and which is to you the one sure reality.

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