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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R.
February 1938


This group is nearing the time when it should begin to work with regularity at the problem of dissipating the world glamor. This it will do successfully just in so far as the individual members have freed themselves, or are freeing themselves, from their personal glamors. In these instructions, I have pointed out that you were one of those in the group who are in a measure freer than the majority from the blinding effects of glamor. I would ask you to preserve this condition for the helping of the group and as a group service. When it becomes possible to do this world work (done naturally behind the scenes) then there will have to be a stiffening in the attitude of the group members in relation to this problem in their own lives, for it will be the existence of personal glamors in the group members which - when they approach the problem of dealing with world glamor - will let it in unless there is this "positive stiffening" - if I may use such a term.

It is dangerous work, my brother, and I am mentioning it to you in this place because your fifth ray quality of mind can serve a useful group purpose. You are in a position to build a protecting wall (but not a separating barrier) around the group as a whole; it is to this activity I call you at this time. You can begin to prepare the way for the group activity. I am, therefore, giving you a meditation which has this service intent and I would ask you to do it for the next six months. It will strengthen your fifth ray quality, which is that of knowledge, and which, when present, can produce illumination. It is that quality which permits the man who has it, to stand steady in the light, to rest in pure being, and to become the true Observer. These qualities of steadiness with the intent to reflect light, of centralization of the self, and of right observation are essential [317] to this group. They must be developed as group qualities, if the work planned is to be safely undertaken. The producing of these group attitudes can be greatly assisted by you and through their intensification in your own life you can foster their growth in others. In a letter written to you a year or so ago, you will find another reason why you have this special service to render along these lines. Will you reread that letter?

One of the things which I have endeavored to do with this group of disciples is to give them a grasp of their personality problem by telling them the rays with which they predominantly work in order to help them subordinate the lower man to the spiritual man. You would profit by making a study of the fifth ray and by assimilating, as far as you can, the information anent this ray found in my books. It would be a profitable thing if students would gather together all the information they can anent their two major rays, with the view to practical work with themselves. This is for you a peculiarly valuable thing for both your personality ray and your mind ray are on the fifth line of force. You have, consequently, a real problem in connection with yourself and at the same time a real asset in connection with the group. You can aid them in gaining the needed group poise for the work to be done.

The Old Commentary, in speaking of the work of those whose dharma it is to dissipate world glamor, uses the following expressions:

"They come and stand. Within the midst of whirling forms - some of a beauty rare and some of horror and despair - they stand. They look not here or there but, with their faces turned towards the light, they stand. Thus through their minds the pure light streams to dissipate the fogs."
"They come and rest. They cease their outer labors, pausing to do a different work. Within their hearts is rest. They run not here and there, but form a point of peace and rest. That which upon the surface veils and hides the real begins to disappear and from the heart at rest a beam of dissipating force projects, blends with the shining light and then the mists of man's creation disappear.
"They come and they observe. They own the eye of vision; likewise they own the eye of right direction of the [318] needed force. They see the glamor of the world, and seeing, note behind it all the true, the beautiful, the real. Thus through the eye of Buddhi comes the power to drive away the veiling swirling glamors of that glamorous world.
"They stand, they rest, and they observe. Such are their lives and such the service that they render to the world of men."

I would commend these lines to your careful thought. They convey to you, not only the field of your service, but also the desired attitude of your personal life. Most people have many glamors in their lives and link with facility with the world glamor. You have only one real point of glamor in your life and you do not tune in with facility with glamor. Could you see with clarity the one point of weakness in your astral life, based on devotion and idealistic interpretation, you would work with greater power and freedom.

In reference to your meditation work, continue as before, but when you have finished the work of building the symbols, and have sounded the O. M. three times, then take as your seed thoughts the following and meditate upon the themes indicated below:

  1. The power to stand within the light, leading to right reflection of the light.
  2. The power to rest in spiritual being, so as to focus the soul within the chosen field of service.
  3. The power to attain right observation, so as to see correctly that which should be done.

Do this meditation with the consciousness focused in your fifth ray mind but with your attention turned towards the astral world whereon your group is planning to work. This may at first produce an intensification of your own point of glamor and to guard against this you will have to institute watchfulness. Much good will eventuate if you make one definite and lasting gesture or act of freedom from your glamor (if you know what it is and face it with precision) and opportunity to do so may come to you in a few weeks' time. I wonder if you will recognize it, my brother, and have the spiritual independence to seize it. [319]

I ask your assistance in this preparatory work and would ask you also to get in touch with L. U. T. who is also doing some work for me along another line. In conclusion I would point out that

  1. our soul energy normally finds expression through your fifth ray mind and it is wise for you to link this up with my earlier comments on this matter.
  2. Your personality force is focused in your seventh ray brain.
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