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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - S.C.P.
To  S. C. P.

November 1931


I would say to you in cryptic form: Study the meaning of the flame and of the wick and realize that there needs must be a wick to demonstrate the flame. Make your meditation definite and then anchor yourself to earth by certain specific activities, carried through to completion. Let your service be group service and not so much individual work as heretofore, and remember that the gift of power in meditation and the capacity to bring through the vital energy which makes things to be (which you can do) produces increasing detachment from physical plane realities; it can produce also the severing of lower contacts unless the energy is carried through on to the plane of earth happenings and works out in paralleling action. This faculty "to bring through," you began to demonstrate last spring. It should continue.

Carry your thought in meditation to the throat center at the back of the neck and each day vitalize that center so that the creative work is carried forward by you and you continue to cause things to be. The lesson of Being is not your lesson at present; it must be the lesson of selfless acting upon the physical plane. Go forward with the ordinary routine work as I have [322] outlined it for these members of my Ashram, and let your spiritual diary take for you the place of speech. Strengthen the physical body and learn to avoid the taking on of those obligations which others can as properly handle.

In your meditation work you have asked the question: What hinders that can be sacrificed? Is this not so, my brother? I answer: Over-analysis of the reactions of others to what you say and do and an over-focusing of your attention upon the results of what you say. You know your field of service; therefore, serve. You know your group relations for this life; see that you are related!

You are not clear as to the hindrances existing in your personality. This is partly because your knowledge of the mechanics of that personality is less than that of the majority of my disciples because you have less academic knowledge. Avoid the glamor which comes from realization of pure motive - and that you have. Your brain and soul have close alliance. A high grade astral body acts oft as a distorted where your vision of character is concerned. Where the Master's work and your own field of service are in question, clearly and truly you see. Where you yourself are concerned, the vision is not so clear yet the method of close self-analysis would land you in morbidity. In utter self-forgetfulness, therefore, know yourself and serve. Be silent towards your personality. Ponder on these cryptic words or phrasing, for they hold for you the truth.

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