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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - S.C.P.
July 1937

You have an interesting and definite problem, brother of mine, which entails the organization and the right relation of the different aspects of your personality forces and their eventual coordination with the energy of the soul.

Your mental body is on the second ray. This, as you will note, is not usual. It makes illumination the line of least resistance. It facilitates contact with the soul and provides your dominant problem. That problem is the demanding of love and of appreciation where your personality is concerned. Think this out. It means that you can always be depended upon to sacrifice everything in order that the desires, the will and the purpose of the soul - once they are made clear to you - may be truly worked out. Nothing will be permitted by you to arrest your spiritual achievement once the way appears open to you. But it means also, from the lower angle, that you will sacrifice much in order to be loved by people. This matters not at all in the case of the average person for in due time and inevitably a proper sense of proportion will emerge. But it does matter in the case of those who are on the Path of Discipleship and who face at some not so distant time preparation for initiation. Watch this with care and discover for yourself the situation. One clue to understanding would be that you study whether or not, in moments of personality emergency, you sacrifice your sense of truth or your friends.

Your emotional body is on the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism; hence your devotion to those you love, to truth and (unknown and unrealized by you) to me, your Tibetan brother and teacher. Hence also your devotion to the Hierarchy which I serve. Hence also the interplay between your sixth ray personality and your sixth ray astral body which provides both spiritual opportunity but also a definite problem.

Your physical body is of a dominant first ray type. This again is not usually so except in the case of disciples, who are liable to build vehicles of any type of force to meet the emergency, the need or the service of a particular life. This [337] first ray body enables you to handle spiritual energy upon the physical plane. It enables you also to act as a force transmitter and distributor. The forces, therefore, with which you have top deal are:

  1. The soul ray - the first Ray of Will or Power.
  2. The personality ray - the sixth Ray of Devotion.
  3. The ray of the mind - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom
  4. The ray of the astral body - the sixth Ray of Devotion.
  5. The ray of the physical body - the first Ray of Power.

I have one personal word of commendation to give you at this time, my brother. Your sense of truth is growing fast. See that it continues so to do.

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