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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C.
To  P. G. C.

January 1936


As I begin my work with you, I seek first of all to make two things clear. I look for no blind obedience from you. Such is not the way of the true disciple, nor is it your way. For this you may be glad. But I do look for evidence of that spiritual experimentation which will be willing to give fair trial for an adequate time to those things which do not run counter to your developing intuition. You yourself are becoming increasingly conscious that your spiritual independence (which is one of your most precious assets) can become too much emphasized and prove in some ways a hindrance. Your position is clear and sound, but you fail somewhat to recognize the fact that your personality is not yet a pure channel; nor is your alignment and your inner adjustment to the soul yet perfected. There is a chance, is there not, my brother, that your constant reaction against receiving any outer help may at times militate against your progress. Your extreme cautiousness may lead (if over-accentuated) to a spirit of isolation and separateness which can be profoundly disastrous to the emerging and true spiritual ideals.

There are always those whom you can aid and stimulate and whose consciousness you can assist to expand. This is your constant endeavor and realization, for you ever serve. But, equally, there are those who can give to you - in their due place and time - that which you need in order to take what is for you the next step upon the Path. And this I can give to you, if you care, for a year or so, to enter into some experiments with me and submit to some plain statements of truth. In the process of this experimentation can you give faithful adherence to the imparted instruction? You can at any time drop out. You are not asked to give to me any personality devotion. You will not be asked to do aught for which I will not (at the same time) seek to explain the reason and objective. But whilst working in my group, will you not adhere to my instructions and refrain from criticism and from conjecture of too analytical a nature until I have had time to demonstrate to you the value of that which I am [343] seeking to do? Give me two years, my brother, and by that time you may value that which I and the group can give.

I sought to bring you into my group work for several reasons. My first reason was that your type of mind will be of value to the group and you can help me with your teaching capacity, for you are well grounded in the academic side of the divine art and know more than do your fellow group members, just as I. S. G-L. is more deeply versed in the science of psychology than are any of you. Your questions and your occasional papers will be of value to the group.

Secondly, if you will temporarily abandon your attitude of mental isolation (which is somewhat based on fear - a fear of losing time as you appropriate the mental errors of others), the group identification required will greatly broaden your understanding. Read what I have to say in the general instructions anent this group endeavor and seek to cooperate - for a while at least. The value of the group work may even outweigh in its results the teaching which I may give to you. In the New Age, which is upon us, all true work is group work, with the individual subordinated to the group good. This identification you have yet to learn. Members of the new groups have to learn to identify themselves with the subjective aspiration and goal of the group, but not with the organization angle which is ever kept in the background. This will not be easy for you. Groups, just like individuals, have their three functioning aspects. That of the outer active organization is only too familiar. It is the second aspect, of group inclusiveness which you have to learn and with which you must identify yourself.

Now, brother of old, let me give to you the meditation work which I wish you to do. For six months cease from the breathing exercise that you have been doing, which you call the abdominal breath, for it vitalizes primarily the centers below the diaphragm and with you - curiously enough - it is the center at the base of the spine which is vitalized... I seek to awaken the creative imagination and release your sense of specialized force in certain areas.

That the light may indeed shine upon your way, and lead you to increased usefulness is the wish of your friend and co-worker, the Tibetan. [344]

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