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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U.
July 1935


...Last time I communicated with you I gave you much. This time I need to give you but a little as you have yet to work out that which I have suggested. Above everything else aim at simplicity. The fertility of your mind is a great and useful gift, acquired through many lives of achieved knowledge. But a fertile garden and a rank wilderness are both of them expressions of fertility, but the one is beautiful and the other needs attention - an attention which has to be initiated by a definite process of destruction.

You have been used in the past months to institute a work which can be of real service and you have done well and have made possible future revelation. That is good and for that I thank you, my brother. I know that you do not ask for recognition but that is ever accorded by us, the teachers on the inner side, when duly merited. I can, therefore, tell you that your work is recognized. [363]

But you have much to do within yourself before you can be used as fully as is possible. See that you, therefore, do three things:

  1. Lose sight of yourself. Your constant inner habit of self-deprecation indicates too much concentration upon the little self. You are handicapping your work and negating a fuller influence by seeing yourself as a failure and yet at the same time omitting to take those steps which would make you a true success - steps which I have earlier indicated to you. For a time, my brother, lose sight of the time process as a whole and for three months work only one day at a time, making each hour of each day as beautiful and as selfless as possible.
  2. The wisdom aspect in you is highly developed. Let the love aspect of the second ray now have fuller sway. You and F. C. D. have to reverse your life tendencies. He has a highly developed love nature and must learn to express wisdom more effectively. You have wisdom manifesting strongly and must learn to love more widely and not to fear love, as now you do. Your work as an executive has drawn forth your latent wisdom. Your work in my group and in the New Group of World Servers must now draw forth the deep resources of your heart. Ponder on this suggestion.
  3. Give more definite help in the work... You can give that which is needed, if you lose sight of yourself and can teach yourself to work with joyousness. Is not that the clue for you, my brother, the work of joyous service? May I ask you to cultivate the spirit of joy? If you give this more definite aid and work as it may be indicated to you, it will spell for you a large measure of release. You can aid in the work with your wisdom and ripe experience.

Adhere to the simple outline indicated by me in my previous communication. I cannot change it yet, for you have not yet availed yourself of the help I there sought to give to you. But be of good cheer and go forward with joy upon the Way. There is no time these fateful days for that lost effort which is connoted by too close a self-introspection and analysis, leading to distrust. [364]

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