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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.D.S.
December 1938


I gave you a long instruction the last time I communicated with you. This, therefore, will be brief. I will not change your special meditation at this time and would ask you to continue with it. It has done much for you, and through the interior work which you have accomplished in yourself and through the process of definitely forcing yourself to serve where needed (and not so much from the angle of where you yourself wanted to serve), you have aided many and gained much strength yourself. The great need for all of you in this group at this time is consciously to relate yourselves to each other in an increasingly close union. The building of the group antahkarana as a part of a great life thread can only thus be carried forward effectively. See, therefore, that this group identification goes on with all the cooperation which you can render.

I think also that you will have grasped more clearly than ever before the reasons I had in mind when I gave you the three key words - will, detachment, and strength. You needed to have these objectives held before you, did you not? Today, your detachment is far greater than ever before and this definitely tends to strengthen you. Your will nature, however, needs to be more pragmatically developed but from the angle of those interior determinations which carry a man forward along the path towards the portal of initiation. It is not will from the angle of self-assertiveness.

No man takes initiation before his interior will is developed and consecrated to the service of the Path, which is the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. This, I think, you know. I would ask you to work along the line of the will, potently and definitely for a while, as it will serve to round out and strengthen your character.

I have for you at this time nothing but encouragement and a word of praise for a life faced and handled with humility and love. [382]

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