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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R.
July 1933


Forget not to love with detachment. That is your main lesson, my brother, and you have only grasped its true importance when the lengthier part of life has gone. The ties through attachment over many years hold firm and on the physical plane they must not, may not, be severed but ever within yourself they must be completely snapped. This can be done before this life episode closes, leaving you thus free in your next life cycle for service, a service to be rendered with undivided attention. This breaking can be done almost instantaneously if your first ray soul power is brought into play, or it can be accomplished more slowly if you work through the medium of your fifth ray personality force. Ponder on this.

As an exercise of needed discipline, I would suggest that three times a day - morning, high noon and evening - you sit quiet for ten minutes. Relax physically; permit no emotional distraction; refuse the entry of thought or feeling. Ponder then [384] on the idea of Life and Love as they exist apart from form. Keep the consciousness centered as high in the head as is possible.

See the significance of all events and look upon them as symbolic indications of spiritual, mental, or emotional causes. Your life is so full of detail and of duty that the soul is oft irked thereby. Give it time to prove itself. It is not the length of time that is given to the right accomplishment of these duties that counts but the poise you bring to them, the energy you evoke in their fulfilment and the intensity of your mental application.

Let us, my brother, go forward on the Way. Let us together serve.

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