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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.O.I.
November 1937


There is little need for me to say much to you at this time. Your spiritual life during this past year has been vivid and alive. See that it so remains in spite of any interludes of aridness and of reaction which might come your way. All life is cyclic and this is a point which disciples are apt to forget and overlook; they then find themselves discouraged when the intensity of feeling leaves them. The initiate walks ever a straight course between the pairs of opposites, serene and unafraid. Are you not all upon the path of discipleship with the inevitable goal of initiation sometime, some immediate living moment, just ahead?

I gave you some keywords which should be for you a source of inspiration during the coming year. I would ask you to study them and to ponder deeply their significance. Take one word each week for a few minutes' careful consideration (prior to the group meditation) and make it the keynote of your week's endeavor in the practice of spiritual living. Do this with the point in view of externalizing these concepts in your service in your chosen field of work. You will gain much practical and experimental experience thereby. During the fourth week review your life in the light which these three words can throw [449] upon it. You will never regret doing this exercise. There is no further need for you to do the review on Interpretation.

And this is all I have to say to you, my brother, at this time. The service which your group can render, as outlined by me in this instruction, must engross your attention and will give you much. The inner link upon the spiritual side between all the group members is growing firm and clear and I am encouraged it is so.

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