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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.I.J.
February 1936


The next few months, until the time of the Wesak Festival, must be for you months of inner recognition, of a spiritual withdrawing and of intense preparation. Though you may not see immediately, or during the Festival itself, the significant aims of this period of opportunity, or of your previous weeks of preparation, that is of no importance really for the gains will be there and will register in due course of time.

The ajna center (the center between the eyebrows) is over-active whilst the head center should be stimulated into increased aliveness. This, as it takes place through the steady focusing of yourself in the head center, may induce a period wherein it may seem to you that nothing is happening subjectively. This, again, is of no importance. The time has come wherein all true disciples (and such indeed are you) must transmute phenomena into spiritual realization; then instead of the constant registering of that which is seen and heard, there will arise a spiritual awareness which will register bliss and power. This will enable you to see the soul in all things and the inward beauty of all created forms. This awareness will be of such a high order that it will deal primarily with that which is formless, and its attention will be turned upon the subjective life which exists within the form. Such is the true course of symbolism to which you, as a disciple, are pledged. [462]

Your love and knowledge should begin to lead you more and more into the way of the divine psychologist; it is to the service of psychology that I direct your attention and to which you will find yourself pledged when next you take the Path of Rebirth and return to the battlefield of life. For you, today, the battle is one of endurance, of the control of the emotions, of the right understanding of the astral nature and a steady shift of your point of consciousness on to the next plane. I think, my brother, that you recognize this fact.

Meditate upon the following mystic phrases and where color is mentioned, visualize the color.

  • Phrase One. First and second months.

"The golden rays that issue from the heart of the sun pour forth and bathe my soul and the soul of all created forms. Within those forms, the life of God awakens, and the power of God streams forth as Will, as dedication to the Plan, as strength to work and give - as must a son of God."

  • Phrase Two. Third and fourth months.

"Within the darkness of the soul, prisoned within the form, a point of light is seen. Then there arises, all around that point, a field of deepest blue and this becomes irradiated by the soul, the inner sun, shining within a brilliant field of blue. The points of light become the many lines or rays of light; these lines then merge and blend until the lighted Way appears before the eyes of each tired pilgrim on that Way. He walks in light. He is himself the light, the light upon the Way. He is the Way and always walks thereon."

  • Phrase Three. Fifth and sixth months.

"With industry I work as doth the ant. With speed I travel as moves the hare upon its path. With joy I climb as doth the goat which scales the precipice and stands upon the mountain top. Industry, speed and joy must be the keynotes of my life; diligence with the task assigned; speed to assent to all the Master says; speed on my way to service; and joy to shower forth on all I meet. Such is the Way for me." [463]

My blessing rests on you, my brother. My strength lies at your disposal, for you will not call on me unless the need is great. When it is great, you have permission thus to call.

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