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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
September 1936


Forget not that it is not simply this group work and the fact that you have been chosen to work in my group of disciples which accounts for that which has been brought about. There is a karmic link with me which persists and holds. I say no more.

The commendations which I gave you in my last instruction stand repeated. I waste not time over such matters. You have the power to go on whether commended or not and whether successful in your efforts or not. There is somewhat, however, that I have to say to you today and it can be stated in simple words: You need fuller emotional expression. There is such an intense focusing within yourself as the result of a long spiritual struggle - with yourself and with circumstances - that pent up forces are gathered into the personality which must have release. How shall this release be brought about? What can you do which will intensify your outer expression and thus break the personality tension?

I have pondered upon this on your behalf, my brother. You have been triumphant in your battle and are much freer from your lower inclinations than ever before. But you stand now like a tired and disillusioned soldier wondering if it has been worth while. You feel at times that you can do no more; you are still a soldier, still pledged to the fight, still undeterred, but all your forces are interiorly focused; the tide of life and the [482] play of energies - as understood upon the Path of Discipleship - are dammed up within you. This is in reality a form of static personality glamor. The personal crisis and problems loom too large. You do not see things in their true perspective.

I have decided that the way of release for you will come in the writing each day of a diary which will embody certain releasing forces and which can - if truly and conscientiously carried out - bring you much and eventually carry to your co-disciples something of beauty and of joy. I am not fanciful or unduly optimistic nor am I asking you to undertake something which will land you still deeper in the maya of futility. I am suggesting something which will fill your life with vitality, expression and make you radiant.

Each evening write your diary from four points of view. Let it be written with real thought and a determination to find something to relate in connection with each point. This will engender in you a constant watchfulness over your daily life. a vital attentiveness to life as it is lived around you and a reflective daily meditative attitude which is to take the place of the prolonged, definite, morning meditation. The four points to be dealt with and covered in your diary are as follows:

  1. What things, attitudes, and words of beauty did I come across today? Note these down and note also your reactions to them when recognized - a sunset of radiant color; a face or look which brought good remembrance; a paragraph in a book which illumined your mind. Write it all down so as to share it with your fellow disciples. Write, for instance, the paragraph which attracted your attention or the spoken words which brought you light. Hunt every day for beauty and record it.
  2. What act of service did I render which was other than my usual program? What services did I note that other people were rendering? List what you see your fellowmen doing each day that strikes a note of selfless service and learn thereby the wonder of the human being. Give your reactions to that which you record.
  3. What color or colors predominated in my life today? Upon the physical plane - a blaze of sunshine, the grey of a rainy day, the blue of the sky, the riot of color in [483] the flowers in a garden or a shop? Upon the astral plane - the rose of affection and of friendly feeling, the blue of an inspiring contact, the gold of physical well being, the interplay of colors which your emotional nature can be trained to recognize?
  4. What dramas came my way today, in my own life or in the life of others? Seek for drama under the dull exterior of a person, in the world of daily happenings as you see it functioning around you. See it everywhere - the drama of life as lived by yourself, your environing associates, and also the nations of the world. Evoke and cultivate the sense of the immanent beauty of drama, and note the recognition of it in your diary; note also the lessons to be learnt as you sense and study them.

This diary will reveal to you what you lack; it will train you in the objective and subjective recognitions which you so much need; it will lift you out of yourself and will carry to you revelation and joy and an enlarging horizon. Ponder upon the words: Beauty, color, service, outer relationships, inner linings. No more I give you now except my blessing.

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