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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.E.I.
April 1939


You have been so occupied with service during the past twelve months that you have had little time to be preoccupied with yourself or with your own development. That is very good and this will ever constitute for you the rightful method of release, because it is the true technique for those whose two major rays in any incarnation are the second and the first. When the second ray becomes at any time intensely preoccupied with the life of the personality, and that personality, at the [500] same time happens to be on the first ray line of force, a situation is always evoked which has in it the seeds of real danger. The dramatic instincts and attitudes of the first ray personality are thereby encouraged and fostered by the inflow of second ray force which, finding no outlet adequate to the intensity of the forces brought together, produces a whirlpool of energies which prove always destructive. This you have succeeded in avoiding and I felt it would be of value to you if I made this clear. There must always be for you the line of active service, of constant pressure, and of ardent helpfulness. This is for you the Way of Salvation. Hence the emphasis upon decentralization which I earlier suggested to you.

I have not much to say to you at this time. Your mind and time and heart are fully occupied with responsible work for us. All I would indicate to you is the necessity for preserving a due sense of proportion, a just sense of values and the avoidance of all fanaticism or tendency to crystallize. Preserve, my brother, a sense of humor and a tendency to play, bearing in mind that relaxation is as much a part of the spiritual life as is the strenuous effort to save the souls of men or - perhaps more truly - aid them to invoke and evoke their own souls. When you do at times cast your eye over your personality equipment, noting its usefulness to the soul in time and space, I would ask you to note with care whether you are achieving a truly rounded-out development, and whether your time includes (as should the time of all executives) a due proportion of relaxation and cultural interests.

You have a second ray mental body and, therefore, are not adhering to the rule which usually governs the choice of the forces isolated in any particular mental body. Those upon the Path do not always adhere to the rules. This type of governing mental energy enables you to do three things:

  1. Respond with facility - if you choose - to the impulses of your second ray soul.
  2. Hold the mind steady in the light and thereby discern the basic principles which your first ray personality can so easily recognize.
  3. Work with order, skill and precision in your chosen field of service. [501]

You must, at the same time, guard against too much attention to detail which is always the line of least resistance and of satisfactory experience to those who possess your combination of ray forces.

Your astral body is on the first Ray of Will or Power and hence much of your difficulty in the past. A first ray astral body is a powerful asset but requires most careful watching and skillful harnessing. When not rightly handled, it is easily stirred up into storms and tempers or into the condition wherein the dramatic "I" is centralized in the life. But upon its difficulties and problems I need not enlarge. You know them well. You are learning to handle them. I would, however, call your attention to the lack of balance which the forces in your nature could produce; this calls for your constant care and yet - at the same time - it opens the door of unique opportunity for you. The two major rays (of your ego and your personality) are repeated in the two rays of your personality equipment and you have, therefore, a repetition of 2.1 2.1. Ponder on this. What aids you considerably in this connection is the fact that you have a third ray physical body. This may surprise you because the outer, physical indications are those of the first ray, but that is due to the development of a powerful personality and to the preponderance of the energy of that equipment. But the third ray energy of your physical body is definitely one of your major assets.

As I earlier pointed out, much seventh ray energy also governs you - fortunately for you - because it was your predominant energy in an earlier incarnation and is, in your case, a well-established force. The above information should prove of service to you.

I assign you no special work but would ask you to do the group meditation with regularity and with as much dynamic first ray intensity as is possible.

In conclusion, I would call your attention to the fact that your rays are identical with those of W. D. S., but would have you note how racial and astrological differences and your freedom from any dominating influence upon the physical and emotional planes, have released you in some measure from the factors with which he has still to contend. [502]

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