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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.E.I.
February 1940


In these days of saturated living (and this phrase will mean more to you than to your brothers) I would like to say that I have naught but commendation for you. Thus to commend is not my habit, as well you know, but there are occasions when it is of definite usefulness and I deem it so here. One of the keywords which I gave you several years ago was decentralization and that quality, the very force of circumstances is aiding you to acquire. The situation of constant danger in which you find yourself, as well as of concentrated usefulness will either evoke that quality in you or drive you back into a focused attention to the little self which distinguishes many. But you have chosen the selfless and the more fluid way and the effects will be lasting in your experience. This is for you a major life crisis and there stands before you an open door. You will pass through that door with rapidity according to the measure of your decentralization.

I have not the intention to give you a long instruction. Your instruction is your present life circumstance and I need not say more. I will only say that I stand beside you and that, at this time, my protecting aura reaches out to you. It enfolds you. The aura of protection with which those who are linked to the Hierarchy and who are Members of the Hierarchy are primarily concerned is protecting the integrity of consciousness, [503] even though it may (if so desired and oft it is) protect the physical man also. It is the preservation of the rightly focused and rightly oriented consciousness which we seek to guard and preserve and which the frightfulness of war and of drastic conditions or circumstances may disrupt. You will understand whereof I speak; it is because of this knowledge that I tell you that I stand by you and that you may call upon me at will, for you can now be trusted to do so wisely and for right reasons.

In the pressure of life today as you are living it, I give you no set work. Go on your way, my brother, with joy and service, with freedom from concern and anxiety; you are learning the occult significance of divine indifference. Your desired focus is not within the personality; the mainspring which can and will animate your life is the surety of the knowledge that humanity and the Hierarchy are approaching each other with increasing rapidity and ever more closely.

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