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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P.
June 1934


You are facing up to your crisis and to your final test of fitness for accepted discipleship. There is little that I can say to you except that, with understanding, I watch and wait. This is not the time for further words, for it is the time in which you must take action. You say to yourself time and time again: "If there were some one thing I could do to break the prison of thought in which I find myself, how easy it would be and how quickly I would do it." But, my brother, there is just such a simple thing and yet, until you do it you cannot walk in the light. Also, until you do it (as this is a group endeavor) you hold back this group of co-disciples from fuller revelation and service. The simple rule is: Talk less and love more.

I have no special exercise to give you. I have told D. R. A. to stand by you with deepened love but to talk no more to you about your problem. The reason for his silence and mine is that you now enter the stage of the solution of your problem wherein you must stand exoterically alone and fight the battle on the outer plane to its conclusion by yourself. But on the inner plane, there is a drawing closer to you of those who care and can help.

Will you understand me when I say that symbolically and psychologically your fight must be fought out in your garden? Will you comprehend me when I tell you that only love can free you? Not love of yourself or a freeing of yourself through desperation over your own unhappiness; not love of those you so easily love but the very love of your soul must be called in and, therefore, soul contact is your solution, persisted in steadily throughout each day.

Meditate therefore upon love. Say to yourself each hour - if you can develop that time consciousness - I must love. Only one request do I make to you, my brother, and that is one that may puzzle you. Sit still every day without fail for one hour, [508] refusing to interrupt that hour's silence and stillness. Simply relax, rest, read and think happily but let nothing, except real emergency (no wild and unconditioned fear, no suspicion or urge to investigate) permit you to break into the rhythm of that period. Sit still, not tense, but quiet and relaxed. It is but a small thing to request but if you conform to this requirement, the results may be more potent than you think. It is an hour for thinking love; for pondering upon the source of disinterested, detached soul love. Study along these lines, if you like, but sit still. Love and quietness, not resentment and restlessness, are your immediate task and in the achieving of these two things you will solve your problem and liberate yourself.

Silence, serenity and loving service to all, without exception and without thought of self - these should be the keynotes of your life during the coming months. Restlessness and resentment, self-pity and suspicion are your present problems. Substitute love for these and all will be well. You evoke love in many. This means that you have the gift of love. Use that power to love and break your chains in order to serve with freedom and to go forward in my group of disciples to greater usefulness. I stand by.

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