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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P.
January 1936


The same instructions, the same objective and the same-necessity to cultivate the spirit of liberating love will suffice to occupy you during the next few months.

You are now entering a period of crisis. Forget not that I have told you this and warned you to meet all circumstances in the light of that knowledge. The crisis (which may focus itself in some aspect of your personality) must be regarded by you as an indication of a strenuous effort on the part of your soul to bring about a large measure of liberation before the May Full Moon. Your soul is mobilizing its forces in order to effect this release and so enable you to profit by the precipitating spiritual inflow. When such a determination exists on the plane of soul experience, there is an inevitable reaction on the plane of daily life. For this you must be prepared and so be ready to profit from it. Your strength is far greater than you idealize because you have never yet drawn fully upon the resources of your soul. This you will have to do to gain the release for which you long.

I tell you also assuredly that - for you - the cultivation of harmlessness is the guarantee of a constructive outcome to your crisis this coming spring. In my last instruction I urged you to eliminate self-pity and this would then produce a harmless handling of the personality. The elimination of criticism will render you harmless where others are concerned and the refusal to be suspicious will dispel your particular glamor, which amounts almost to hallucination. So you see, my brother, that I am only re-emphasizing my earlier teaching to you. Of its value, I know you are assured and in voicing the expression of your need, I am only voicing your own deepest wish.

From May 1934 to May 1935 you made very real progress and your inner spiritual strength was notably augmented. The past six months have marked an interlude wherein there has been a great deal of fluctuation. You have been more subject [515] to external impression and less focused as a soul on the subtler planes. There has been no marked gain. Such interludes are inevitable; there is no cause for depression, provided they do not continue, once you are aware of their existence. Now the sun is again moving northward and there comes for you renewed opportunity and the possibility of a powerful period of release from your lower nature and from the claims which hold you so potently. My prime message to you is (and I give it with the earnest wish that you will understand to what specific factor I refer): Let go. Drop that which you hold. Stand free at any cost, relinquishing that which holds you back.

During the next six months take the following words and thoughts as seed thoughts in meditation:

  • 1st month - Detachment from that which holds the Self in chains.
  • 2nd month - Release of the imprisoned Self for service.
  • 3rd month - The burning ground whereon pure gold is seen.
  • 4th month - Liberation of the inner light, and then the treading of the Lighted Way.
  • 5th month - Radiance which evokes the light in others.
  • 6th month - Sacrifice which reveals the glory of the Self.

Be of good courage, my brother, and fear not. Fear itself creates a glamor and the glamor hides the light. Love freely those you love.

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