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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P.
January 1937


For you (as for R. S. U.) I have at this time a word of commendation and a word of reproof. It is a reproof of so gentle a nature that you will not mind. You have done much to dissipate glamor in your life this past two years, more than perhaps you realize. We, who look at all of you from the inner side, can symbolically gauge this fact more easily than you because (as we seek out a soul) we are in a position to note what is occultly called "the depth of his immersion." You are now more easily "discovered and disclosed" to the watching eyes of all of us and this is due entirely to your own effort and to the growing potency of this group of disciples. You are not so deeply immersed in the fogs of glamor though you are still held back by fear - not fear for yourself but needless fears for those you love. You do not, therefore, see them, the problems which they face, or their individual paths of destiny with clarity; this, as you may well surmise, prevents your being as spiritually useful to them as you might be. The usefulness of disciples to those who are linked karmatically to them and for whom they feel - rightly or wrongly - a sense of responsibility shifts from stage to stage with growth. One's physical care for one's loved ones may and must persist in some measure, though a mother's care for a child cannot persist into adult years. There may be a responsibility which one chooses to shoulder (again rightly or wrongly), but it must not offset or undermine any responsibility which it should be theirs to shoulder. One's mental assistance should be always available but it should not be given when one's mind is bewildered by the fogs of questioning and doubt or when there is a spirit of criticism. One's spiritual responsibility is, curiously enough, usually the last to be recognized; [519] and action taken on that recognition is equally slow. Yet, in the last analysis, it is by far the most important, for one's spiritual influence can be lasting and can carry with it releasing power to those we love, whereas the other responsibilities - being those of personality relationships - always carry with them glamor and that which is not of the kingdom of the spirit.

For the remaining years of your life lay the emphasis upon your spiritual responsibilities and your spiritual effect upon all you contact, or with whom your lot is cast. Work ever along the line of soul contact, leading to soul release and to the soul activity of those you love, and e'en of those you may not love! Thus you will begin to work on and from spiritual levels and your potency as a worker will silently increase. This will in no way negate your right usefulness on planes other and lower than the spiritual.

You are learning fast, my brother, and can break through to a deepened and more realized knowledge if you can train yourself in detachment from personality activity with its unwise speech or silences, its criticisms or its bolstering of that which is undesirable in others and its moments of agonized indecision, based on a fear which - in your case - is ever that of and for the personality aspect. This is apt to sweep you into unwise action or words, and prevent your following of the light and the service which appear so clearly to your vision in your high moments. Is this not so, my brother? But this is all that I have of the nature of reproof and it is tempered by a just need of recognition for true past achievement and for your unfaltering aspiration and steadfast service.

For you the group meditation is peculiarly suited and useful; it brings the strength to you that is needed and serves to clear both your vision and your path. Adhere, therefore, to it with closeness and attention... And, my brother, follow the occult exercises indicated and return again to your garden which still can be found - serene and fair - within the world of thought. The summit of its tower pierces the world of souls and, when you mount the steps which lead there, you will find yourself in the realm of clear vision, wide wisdom and universal love.

Stand with steadfastness during this coming year and stand detached, Let not the   lesser voices crowd out the voice of your [520] soul or my voice. Keep the channel clear. This is my final word to you: Keep the channel clear. If you will do this, then the decisions of moment which may come your way will be faced in the light of the soul and clear, prompt action supervene with good results. The advice which you may be called upon to give will not then be based on fear or any weakness of personality love but will carry the triumphant note of the soul who knows. Break through, my brother, from the trammels of the past and be the true sannyasin, desiring nothing for the separated self, and carrying that true selflessness - which you have ever evidenced - to the heights of full surrender.

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