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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - S.R.D.
TO  S. R. D.

August 1936


One of the things which is strongest in your consciousness is the realization of our ancient link and tie. You have known for years that such a tie exists. You have oft wondered of what use it is to you. You have reached middle life and more without having discovered to what purpose is this realization or what you can do to be of definite service, for, my brother, you must (for the remainder of your life) be of greater service than heretofore. If you are a disciple, you must bear in mind that you are such because of a capacity to serve and not because of any karmic links. You and L. R. U. are karmatically related to me and, therefore, karmatically related to each other. Unless such a relation works out in service to your fellowmen, it is of no use. It is service to be rendered selflessly and with sacrifice that is your lesson, as it is hers also.

It is not for me to tell you how to serve or in what field it is to be rendered. I have watched you grope your way into increased usefulness during the past three years, and I know well your determination that naught shall stop you. Remember, my brother, that we are oft hindered by the unexpected, and not by that which we anticipated.

If you should feel in months to come, a lessening of contact with me, be not deceived by the illusion. This recognition will in reality be based upon a deepening mental grasp of truth, and upon a lessening of attention to astral sensitivity. That, it is essential that you outgrow. You are over-sensitive astrally, and you need increased polarization upon the mental plane. This will lead to two things:

  1. A firmer grasp upon the lower self by the soul, so that your soul will mean more to you.
  2. A deeper integration into your group of kindred souls, with a consequent grasp of group contacts and less interest in the personality, plus less interest in your teacher, the Tibetan. I, your Tibetan brother, am interested in the group but not in the individual. This is the first lesson [561] which I seek to teach you. Work strenuously at contacting your fellow disciples. Think far less of me and of your relation to me. Speak not of me to anyone at any time for a year. But at the time of the full moon, seek to contact, establish and strengthen your link in relation:
    1. To your group brothers.
    2. To L. R. U.
    3. Karmatically with myself.

Then for the remainder of the month, and until the next full moon, ponder on the group work and not on the Tibetan. I fancy, my brother, that you will promptly see the wisdom of this.

You are naturally a teacher, and a teacher in training; you can teach and should teach. Seize every opportunity so to teach and to gather together those who can thus be served. Choose quality and not quantity, and teach from the angle of knowledge, carefully thought out in meditation. In this sentence, I give you the clue to your meditation work...

After your meditation, say the following obligation:

"I play my part with stern resolve, with earnest aspiration; I look above; I help below: I dream not, nor I rest; I toil; I serve; I reap; I pray; I mount the cross; I tread the Way; I tread upon the work I do; I mount upon my slain self; I forego peace; I forfeit rest, and in the stress of pain, I lose myself and find my Self, and enter into peace."

For your seed thoughts for the next few months, will you use the following?

  • 1st month - The mind reveals the Real.
  • 2nd month - The Light is dual. It shews forth that which is not seen. It sheds its rays upon the daily way.
  • 3rd month - All that is, shews forth some seed idea.
  • 4th month - A thought of God, some real idea, must reveal itself within my heart.
  • 5th month - The world must be saved by ideas.

You will note, my brother, what is my objective in this initial training to which I ask you to subject yourself. Let me [562] make it clear to you. I seek to see you polarized more definitely upon the mental plane. I seek to see you less committed to the attitude of the devotee, and more impersonal, more free to serve for the sake of service and not to serve because of your devotion to a teacher, a cause or a belief. Is not this also in line with your deepest and highest idea?

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