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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - S.R.D.
January 1939


One of the things which you have done in this group of disciples is to act as a stable, loving, integrating force. This you have steadily done during the past months and your group brothers should be aware of it. Continue with this integrating work.

Once in the recent history of the group who compose part of my Ashram I gave a certain injunction to a brother. I told him to go forward with his group work in forgetfulness of me. I forbade him to take me into his mind or to ponder upon me as his friend, his teacher and his brother on the Way. His pondering upon me and the offering of his devotion as a result in no way affected the facts. I was his brother, his teacher and his friend. It was a hard saying, and he suffered much in the effort to meet my requirements. Why did I give to him this suggestion, amounting almost to a command? Because his loving estimation of me and his belief that I was in constant touch with him was becoming a detriment to independent spiritual life, his own life as a soul; his devotion to service was based on his devotion to me and he spent much time studying my words, and not enough time in serving humanity; or, if he served, he did so because I expected it and it pleased him to please me. This situation could not go on without serious danger to his progress on the Path.

He forgot three things: First, that his soul and my soul were one soul and that (on the soul plane) we were equals. The difference between us was one of capacity for soul expression in the three worlds. Ponder on this thought. Secondly, that I am much occupied with world work and, with the exception of the time of the Full Moon Approaches I cannot and do not occupy myself with any of you, as individuals. I am not seeking to get in touch with you, except once a month and then only with the group as a whole. I am not engaged ever in speaking words of wisdom and of cheer to any of you, except in one or two cases of dire need and difficulty, such as have not arisen in connection with any of you lately. Thirdly, that there is a potent thought-form of me upon the astral plane, built by the thousands who have read my many words, and whose thoughts [568] at such times are turned towards me in gratitude or criticism, in devotion or dislike. Thoughts, brother of mine, are things; they are creative, creating and created entities, and every time anyone sees this thought-form of me and responds to it, he increases its strength and power. From its magnetic aura, my disciples and followers must free themselves, for it is but man's thought of me, and not I myself. It can sidetrack and delude you; it can speak good words of mediocre cheer and encouragement, but they are not my words, and this I would have you bear in mind. Your sixth ray personality and your first ray astral body make you prone to this beautiful yet deceptive force, flowing from an illusory form.

So, my brother and my friend, I would ask you to concentrate on three things during the next few months and to leave me out of the picture altogether, except at the time of the Full Moon Approach, which is a group activity lasting five days, as you know. These three things are:

  1. An effort to achieve a deepened and a more direct contact with your soul through a focused alignment and the understanding and effective use of your fourth ray mental body.
  2. The development of a greater spirit of service and upon a wider scale. Your service at present is vertical and concerns those who are with you upon the upward way - your group brothers, your personal friends, and yourself. For you serve yourself unduly, my brother, and at your stage of unfoldment this should not be. You render to yourself too much service, too much thought, too much care and too many things. Your service should become horizontal and expandingly inclusive, for the hour of the world's emergency is upon us and who can meet that need but those who know! And you, my brother, know!
  3. The attainment of a mental polarization is also essential. This (on account of your having a third ray physical body) will be greatly facilitated by the institution of certain physical disciplines. See to it, however, that they are real disciplines and hurt you in their application and are not simply the elimination of those things which it hurts you not to give up.

I would have you do the group meditation but, prior to doing it, will you ponder very deeply upon the following [569] thoughts (six in number) which I have chosen for you - which my brother, I repeat, I have chosen for you. If you will do this, when the work starts in the autumn you will bring to that field of service a better equipped instrument, particularly if you apply the results of your meditation in a practical way, seeking to get the point of view of the soul as to your daily life.

  • First month...The purification of astral desire.
  • Second month...The purification of the physical body.
  • Third month...The means whereby the brain can be rendered sensitive to the higher impression.
  • Fourth month...The elimination of those habits which tend to cloud the mind and render the man insensitive to the higher contact.
  • Fifth month...The nature of purification, from the angle of vision of the disciple.
  • Sixth month...The formulation of those disciplines which will aid in purification.

If you will do this faithfully, in six months it will be apparent to you why I have stressed this aspect of training in your life and work.

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