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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D.
March 1939


This is one of several instructions which I have written you within the space of this year. That in itself should indicate not only potentiality (for which all of us connected with the Hierarchy invariably look) but it indicates also achievement; [592] we have no time to waste with those who are making no progress or who are not determined to face the Angel of the Presence or to cope with the illumination and revelation which then takes place - an illumination of the life of the soul and a revelation of the need and the limitations of the personality.

Your problem is relatively simple and your service twofold. You need a simplicity of speech and of outlook - free from the tendency to criticize and to judge, plus a willingness to serve wherever the need is greatest. That is your problem. You have already set in to solve it and you have grasped its implications subjectively. You are now beginning to work out the solution objectively. Those who have erred in any spiritual direction are always potent when changed. Your service basically is as follows: to stand by me and the work I am attempting to do in the world (and fortunately for you this too is your heart's desire), and to express this by definite work. This work falls into two categories: First of all, the giving of unchanging cooperation with those who are working in my group and under my direction and, secondly, to express your own soul in carrying revelation to small groups. This will entail less individual work and more work with small groups of people. Find these small groups and raise their vibration by brief and potent contacts, making each hour spent with them to count and to be of value, and leaving them with a wider outlook and a more sure horizon. Then pass on.

Cooperation, movement, dynamic effort and then withdrawing - such is your future task under my plan. This you must do in collaboration with others, with the new groups which have the new psychological outlook and a right technique of meditation. It is group work that the world needs at this time and an increasing fusion of souls and of the units in the various groups which are colored by the attitude that will distinguish the coming civilization. I think you comprehend well what I mean and what I am asking; you have already made a beginning along this somewhat peculiar line. The duty of a hierarchical Observer (such as myself) is only to indicate - after the fact, thus not infringing the free will of the person - that the action taken is in line with soul intent. This is ever in line with hierarchical intent. This, I therefore, do. [593]

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