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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K.
To  L. T. S-K.

January 1932


There is no hurry attached to the work done by the members of a Master's group. The earnest desire to progress can hinder as well as help. The intuition is a growth, primarily, in sensitivity and in an inner response to the soul. This must be cultivated with care, and no attention should be paid to the factor of time.

I have three things to say to you, brother of old, and two things to suggest; your response to these will guarantee your success.

First: You are in this group for two reasons. You have a strong karmic link with me, which you have ever recognized and which you unduly emphasize. Second: You are at a most critical point on the Path of Probation, for you can, if so inclined, take those steps which will land you on the Path of [596] Discipleship. Third: You need to have in mind the fact that your life - up to three years ago - has been an exemplification of excessive duality. In this dual life, your emphasis has been laid on "making good" on the physical plane in the world of business; paralleling this, but divorced from it, has been an intense inner life of aspiration and devotion to the Great Ones, and later to myself, a working chela of the Great White Lodge.

You have managed curiously to keep these two lines of activity free from contact with each other. Your devotion served not to prevent mistakes or the misuse of the worldly opportunities, nor did your active worldly life seem to affect in any way your fiery devotion and persistence towards the goal.

This dual activity must be brought to an end and your aim must be to bring about in yourself the at-one-ment, or the unification of the aims and purposes which have hitherto been divergent. Mistake me not, my brother: The ultimate objective of the physical plane life has been to lay the gains in business at the disposal of the Great Ones, but this objective has not colored your technique. You will know today how just this criticism is. Four years ago, I could not have thus addressed you, for you would not have recognized the justice of my remarks.

Your problem has been complicated (as is the problem of all disciples who stand on the verge of acceptance) by the force of your ray impulses, and by the difficulty of the era in which you live and the stage whereon you deliberately have chosen to play your part. You have three years in which to make the effort by means of which you can become an accepted disciple, when you return again to this earth. By this I do not mean that you are to pass over at the age of fifty-six. I am speaking of the establishing of a rhythm which will be strong enough and vital enough to produce the needed fusion of soul and personality. We who teach, watch and guide the esoteric development of man, know that unless a certain measure of fusion is established by the time fifty-six years of age is attained, it is seldom established later. After that age, a man may hold to the point achieved and foster his aspiration but [597] the dynamic submergence of the personality in the will and life of the soul is rare after that time. When reached prior to the age of fifty-six, then subsequent growth and unfoldment on the Path of Discipleship is surely possible.

The two suggestions which I seek to make and on which I ask you to work for the next twelve months are as follows:

First: Forget your karmic relationship with me and give no time in your thoughts to the Tibetan. This will be hard for you to do, but remember that I am only one who stands by and who offers opportunity, seeking for those who will lose themselves in service. Your sixth ray devotion has turned your effort towards astral recognition more than to unity and at-one-ment in the great work.

Second: Work steadily at the problem of entering into the pure white light of your own soul. How shall this be done? Let us be practical and outline certain things to be accomplished during the rest of this year.

  1. Refrain from reading the books for which I am responsible. You have steeped yourself in the teaching they contain for years. Now practice the truths learnt thereby. Instead, study with close attention The Bhagavad Gita, and use that as your textbook of guidance.
  2. Instead of studying my writings, will you serve your fellow disciples by making (on their behalf) a close study of the psychology of the intuition? Ascertain the best that man has to say about it and prepare for your brothers a compilation on the subject and a summation of the significance of the intuition and its mode of unfoldment. Seek the definitions of the intuition and collect them together for use and, likewise, make a useful bibliography of the literature on the subject. Each group of my disciples has somewhat to contribute, and the group to which you belong should ascertain much upon the subject of the intuition.
  3. Follow the breathing exercises with attention, bearing, ever in mind the thought that they aid in the unification of soul and body and in the purification of the sheaths.
  4. In your meditation each morning, eliminate again all forms which turn the attention to the Great Ones or to [598] myself, your Tibetan brother. For a year, center your consciousness on the light of your own soul, and keep your meditation very simple.

That you may learn to walk in the light that pours forth from your own soul is the earnest wish of your fellow worker, the Tibetan.

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