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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K.
March 1934


For you I have this time no instructions. I must know first that you have cleaned another window pane. That also which you earlier cleansed and to which I referred in my last communication is again befogged, not so much from the accumulation [600] of grime, but by the cold within, which produces condensation. Think this out. Seek out your motives, for they are at the root of all your trouble, and glamor not yourself with the belief that you are animated by principle or are fighting for principle and thus occupied with truth.

You say that you report these facts and impressions to me and to the group, confident that you can safely turn to the teacher for confirmation or correction on any point. If in any respect you are proceeding along wrong lines, you want to know it and to modify your life in conformity with my wishes.

How you do love authority, my brother, and how you would like me to save you a lot of trouble and direct your way, and give you information as to what is right and wrong! But should I accede to your request and tell you what you want to know, what would be the result? You have been told what the situation was, and know clearly the grounds on which the communications were repudiated and you refused to accept it. What is the difference, when I tell you the same? If what is written or said coincides with your own ideas, how gladly would you catch hold of my words. But if they failed to do so, how easily you would argue that they were the words of someone else and deem that they had been brought through in error or colored by personality reactions. Or you would accept them absolutely because I said them and thus bow to authority and leave your intuition still inactive. But I have no authority, my brother, nor have I ever claimed to have it.

In one case, you fail to grow in ability to stand alone and to make wise decisions based on intuitive recognition of reality; and in the other, the point of separateness grows in strength.

What your teacher in the past, myself, may think is of small moment. What anyone else may think and say is of very small moment. What is of importance to you today is to see clearly, to speak truth to yourself and to walk in the light - a thing you never yet have done for any length of time. You report growth in abstract consciousness. You need not that growth. You need growth in clear cut thinking and in clear cut action. You are faced with the problem of yourself, and you will solve it only when you have freed yourself from personality impulses and from the glamor in which you habitually walk. Note, my [601] brother, the decision and clarity with which I thus address you. Note my style, for it is the same style as before, but I am carefully wording this communication so that you can clearly grasp my words. If you like the adjectival phrases of the communicator who has engrossed your attention lately, I would call you (in his style) a brother of dedicated emotions but poor intuitive mentality and a befogged aspirant. In all love, I say this to you and in an effort to arouse your attention.

As I said to all my disciples so I say to you: If you seek to work with me and will conform to group requirements, then I, on my side, will do what I can to aid you in your group work. All the work I assign to individuals in the group has but one aim in view - to enable them to work as a group for the good of the group. This, you have not done and the group work as a whole has been set back by you, for the group moves forward as a group; though the individuals may have grown, the group has not moved forward but has been held back the past six months by the situation for which you were largely responsible.

I refer not in this instruction to the problem of communications. Disciples are free to interest themselves in any number of groups and communicators. I refer to the problem of this particular situation which is simply that of identity. Forget this not, and confuse not the issue. It is not one of authority. It is one of identity. You are at liberty naturally as a disciple to receive communications from any source. But be sure not to confuse identities.

This situation in the group has caused me serious consideration. The good of the group is of prime importance. I am engaged in an experiment in this group work. It is not an easy one either for myself or for the group members. Shall I sacrifice the group to the glamor of one person? For, in the last analysis, others would not have been so influenced had you seen truly and had cooperated in preserving group balance and had not interjected the problem of identities into this group work. I cannot continue to give you these instructions if you thus bring personality and separateness into the work. You are not asked to accept blindly all that you receive. But whilst in the group, you are asked to live up to group requirements and to work with the group unit, and to refrain from bringing your [602] personality problems of any kind into the group work. When you no longer care for the teaching and do not do that which is asked, it is your privilege to withdraw from the group work and so preserve the group unity. It is group unity for which I am working, and not your individual growth and stimulation. I speak thus with apparent harshness in an effort to bring to an end your years of personality fog and deep seated ambition. The two are allied.

Forget not either my earlier injunction to you that "There are other things to be done than to be a devotee of the Tibetan brother" or of the Tibetan and a spurious astral double.

Your key words are self-knowledge, lucidity and truth, and they must all be called into play at this time. Remember that your decision, if based on a choice between two Tibetans, will be a false one. Your problem is that of choosing between the teacher which we call the Personality and the teacher which we call the higher Self. Settle this problem in the light of the soul, and not through impulsive personality reactions.

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