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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K.
February 1936


When last I wrote I feared that it might be the last communication I should be able to make to you. But during the past six months some of the glamor with which you were surrounded has disappeared. Much still remains. However, your successful attempt to see with greater clarity encourages [606] me to write to you as usual and again to supervise your work. This I have not done for six months. Forget not, that when older and, therefore, more powerful disciple turns his attention to you, the resulting stimulation will work two ways. One them will be the intensification of the glamor, so bear this mind for seven weeks after receiving this communication.

The way for you is not yet the "lighted Way." You have surrounded yourself with so much fog and with such a de cloud of self-generated and self-motivated thought-form that the light only pierces through in places. As yet, there is steady stream or lighted Way. Therefore, for the present most appropriate name for that part of the Path of Disciples that you are treading is the Way of Sacrifice - the sacrifice of your own thoughts, of your own wishes, aims and dreams. It means for you the treading of the rocky way of duty, of dharma and of clear decision. Therefore, for the next six months, will you take the following words into your meditation?

  • 1st month - Duty.
  • 2nd month - Dharma, or responsible obligation.
  • 3rd month - Discrimination.
  • 4th month - Dispassion.
  • 5th month - Decision.
  • 6th month - Destiny.

You will note how each word has the same initial letter and hence will give you facility in remembrance. Ponder deeply on these words and, later, write an article in which you will link these words synthetically and sequentially, and so provide an article on Discipleship which could be of service to others. You have ability to write; therefore, at present serve through writing.

Keep your eyes on the light ahead. Speak not of yourself. Forego all planning at present, but perform action with detachment and with skill. Disperse the clouds around you by the dynamic light of your own soul, and in order to do this, seek greater and more rapid alignment. One hint I will give you. When tempted to descend into the clouds of your own thought-forms and into the weaving of your own material plans, send out your thought to me. [607]

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