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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K.
September 1937


A fresh cycle of work is opening up before you at this time, and this is the result of the attention which you have paid to my instructions and to the response which you have given to the effort of your soul to release your personality from glamor. May I point out to you that very often, after a certain measure of glamor has been overcome (as is the case with you) , that illusion can then step in? I would warn you against two such illusions: [609]

  1. The illusion that glamor no longer can hold sway over you. Constant watchfulness will be necessary.
  2. The illusion of selection and reward. To this, all sixth ray aspirants are more than usually prone.

Will you also forgive my pointing out to you that your entering upon this particular field of service and your passing through the door to this cycle of work is for you definitely a following of the line of least resistance. You can render good service if you follow instructions with care, but it is the opportunity to serve which is the result to which I referred in my opening paragraph and not the specific type. Ponder on this, for if you understand that which I seek to impress upon you, your service will be greatly helped and your usefulness increased.

Having made your choice and decision, my problem now is how to help you to make good in the future which is opening up before you. My two suggestions may surprise you, for they will not be at all along the line you anticipate.

First of all, I would say to you: Take not yourself so seriously. The world still proceeds upon its way and the planet continues to revolve whether you serve or not. Lower the intensity of your vibration. You can serve and your service is needed. All servers are needed at this time. You have been through a drastic disciplining and should have learnt much; but you will nullify your usefulness and shorten your period of service through your intense earnestness. Remember, you have to offset constantly your sixth ray personality. Will you comprehend me if I say that you never evidence any imagination or excitement except along the lines of discipleship, and that then you evidence too much? I will give you some verses later on in this instruction, upon which I will ask you to ponder and reflect, not in your meditation (for I would have you follow only your group meditation) but during the day. Be balanced, my brother, and remember that work for us embraces many things, e'en hours of relaxation, and it most certainly necessitates the use of the discrimination in ascertaining the essentials and separating them from the non-essentials.

The second thing I would say to you may surprise you more than the above which, perchance, you have at moments yourself [610] suspected. I would say to you with emphasis: Love more your fellowmen. At present you love our work and service and the ideal more than you love your brothers. This is the reason why you are such a poor, such a very poor psychologist. You do not love enough. Every human being you meet you consider and approach from the angle of the work, and not because they are fellow pilgrims or people you can love and help. Yourself as a server and the work (as our work) looms large between you and your fellowmen and will definitely negate your usefulness. It is the "organization spirit" and the "manipulative faculty" of the third ray executive. Our workers deal with souls, and not with the work. They are occupied in aiding individuals and, through individuals, the world. They do not occupy themselves with the form side. That, too, is ever properly regarded and attended to, but it is secondary. You make it primary.

Settle back, my brother. Love and serve; relax and live a normal, useful life. The fires of your own intensity and the heat of your own aspiration will otherwise burn so fiercely that no one can get near you. Take time to know people for themselves, and not for their possible availability in the work. Yet fall not over backwards as you attend to my instructions. Balance is ever, for the aspirant, a major objective.

The two sentences which I give to you for careful consideration are as follows:

"The fire that I create must heat, not burn; it must draw into its warmth the man who needs its heat; it must not thrust away, through fierceness, the seeking soul. It is the fire of love, and not the fire of my own aspiration."

"The service which I render must be to souls and not unto myself upon the Path. Thus shall I meet a need and, in forgetfulness of self and my own word and place, lead others towards the light."

I have not indicated to you the rays governing your personality vehicles, for I seek to place your interest, not in yourself but in others. [611]

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