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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - B.S.W.
January 1937


Your replies to the questions which I set you entertained me. They were so like you - earnest, sincere, mental, logical and with the impersonality of the first ray type. Your answers could have been foreseen. They should prove helpful to all who read them. Was the task helpful to you? Did the answering of those questions bring you illumination and those moments of self-revelation which are not easy for men of your type? When they come, they come on the wings of blinding light. A study of St. Paul, his revelation and his way of truth, his logical tenacity (no matter what its disastrous effects on Christianity may have been) and his impersonality should give you much - of encouragement, of warning, of truth and of necessity. You could, my brother, with ease have written the Epistle to the Romans. Will you find out why?

The work of this group of disciples with whom you are associated is growing and your balanced judgment and clear vision may be needed in time to come. Give full measure of advice and aid, tempering all with a more vitally disclosed love. A "mental body as hard as nails" will some day have to be destroyed. Why not begin preserving intact the principle of mind, thus permitting it free function but using it with the wings of love and on errands of compassion. The ordinary man works from emotional levels, unaided by the mind and without the illumination of the soul. The advanced man and the aspirant [632] work from mental levels, producing the integration of the personality, and, therefore, power. The disciple works from soul levels which are the levels of divine love. He motivates the mind with love, subduing personality sentiment with universal love, worked out in practice and not preserved in theory. Could I aid you, my brother, did I not love you that way?

Can I ask you to do one piece of work through and in yourself? Will you study the theory of the transmutation of mental attitudes through the processes of love - processes which in no way negate the holding of these attitudes but which motivate and universalize them. Through these processes, a mental concept can become a fact upon the physical plane through the activity of love, rightly used. You could do much with this thought and teach much to those who read your words.

I have no special occult exercise for you to do, save that you pay close attention to your spiritual sensitivity at the time of each Full Moon and do this from three angles:

  1. Seek to draw near to me and endeavor to sense my vibration.
  2. Try to realize at the same time the vibration of my group of disciples.
  3. Register any phenomena, if present.
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