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Discipleship in the New Age I - The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part V
When a man becomes a chela in the Light, certain developments take place which enable him to see the vision more clearly and to know what he must do, for the Light ever reveals. These are:
  1. The aspirant makes a transition in consciousness from the astral plane to the mental and, in effecting this, the senior helping chela gives definite aid and guidance.
  2. The aspirant learns to distinguish, eventually infallibly, between the pairs of opposites.
  3. The aspirant becomes aware of glamor as something from which he must eventually free himself and aid in freeing the world.

These three stages have been dealt with in a Book of Rules for disciples on the probationary path. The rule can be roughly translated into modern English as follows:

"The one upon the Way leaps forward, leaving the world of fluid life. He makes the great transition and leaves the watery way behind. He walks upon the water and is [723] not submerged therein. A chela with a light leads him by the hand from light into a greater Light.

"This is a Transition upon the lesser way, preparing for a higher.

"The one upon the Way becomes aware of this and that. The poles appear. The two attract his daily life, first one and then the other; betwixt the two he moves. A transformation must be wrought; the two become as one. A step towards unity takes place. Between the two he forward steps. A chela in the Light throws light on either side and thus the little one can walk.

"This is a Transformation upon the dual way, leading into the Way.

"The one upon the Way gazes around and sees life as through a haze. The fogs and mists of glamor rest upon the valleys and the hills of life and these he must dispel. He must transmute them through the burning rays of radiant light. A chela in the light directs the burning, fiery light which dissipates the enervating fog.

"This is the Transmutation. These fires release the hidden light and blend it with the greater."

It is, therefore, under the guidance of a chela who is far more advanced than the chela in the Light (though not yet adept) that the first lessons in these three processes are learned. Whilst this is going on, the aspirant remains unaware of the Master's interest in him. The Master is receiving regular reports (based on certain charts) from the senior disciple who has the neophyte in charge. It is in this way that many hierarchical relationships are established. When they are once established - through work in the Ashram of a Master and not focused upon the physical plane - they are persistent and constitute one of the factors which produce:

  1. Hierarchical integrity.
  2. Eventual close relationship between humanity and the Hierarchy.

At this time, there is a great increase in the number of people who are being thus related and the senior disciples of all the Masters who take chelas are exceedingly busy with the training [724] of aspirants, as well as with the work entailed by the gravity of the world crisis. The aspirants thus trained are in reality the nucleus of the future world servers, and are consequently of real importance. The task of those thus engaged falls into three categories; as the senior disciples and initiates are thus occupied, they are themselves learning much. These three categories of work are:

  1. The establishing of magnetic influence.
  2. The setting-up of telepathic rapport.
  3. The making of basic karmic readjustments.

The first task which confronts disciples is to arrive at an understanding of the nature of the aspirants for whom they have made themselves responsible and also to establish a zone or path of influence, so that they can be definitely useful and able to communicate with the aspirant. It might be pointed out that, in the past, such relationships were between soul and soul, and consequently required a long period of "bringing through" to adequate recognition in the mind and brain of the aspirant. Today, this method still persists in the majority of cases but many of these helping disciples are experimenting (under direction of their Master) in working directly with the aspirant upon the physical plane, thus involving personality as well as soul relation. This constitutes a far more difficult relationship but is a part of the new process of externalizing the hierarchical effort of which all outer Ashrams (which are now slowly forming) are a part. By means of this, the chela in the Light is trained to recognize members of the Hierarchy by first becoming aware of disciples more advanced than himself and by learning to give due weight to their words and suggestions. You can see, therefore, how a great effort is being made to bring the two centers - Humanity and the Hierarchy - into a much closer rapport and relationship, both objectively and subjectively.

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