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Discipleship in the New Age I - The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part VIII
The Master's aura (which determines the aura of the entire Ashram) has three outstanding radiations as far as the responsiveness of the disciple is concerned:
  1. The radiation which comes from the higher levels of the mental plane, or from the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad. The potency of this radiation and the extent of the sphere of influence will be determined by the extent to which the Master is spiritually in touch with the Mind of God. I do not use the word "consciously" in this connection and when dealing with conditions above egoic levels. It is this particular radiation which evokes a response from the embryonic abstract mind of the disciple when the antahkarana is being built and is the first kind of contact to which the neophyte responds in the later stages of the Probationary Path. A direct line of influential approach is made between the Master and the awakening disciple as follows:
    1. The manasic permanent atom of the disciple.
    2. The knowledge petals of the egoic lotus.
    3. The lower concrete mind "held steady in the light."
    4. The throat center.
    5. The brain of the disciple upon the physical plane.

This is all of it necessarily relative but the moment that the disciple has established this line of approach to the Spiritual Triad (even in a small measure) he makes his first response to the aura of the Master. The distinction between the aura of the Master and the aura of the Ashram is that the Master's aura is dynamic and the group aura is influential, yet the two together constitute the group aura. When this initial response is made it results eventually in the disciple becoming the chela within the aura.

  1. The radiation which comes from the plane of buddhi or of the spiritual intuition. This is an expression of the love nature of the Master and is that which enables him to be in touch with the Heart of God. It might be noted here that these three radiations emanating from a Master and enhanced by the similar, though much less powerful, radiations of the inner members of the Ashram are the [756] factors which put the Master and the Ashram in contact with that which is occultly spoken of as the physical Sun, the heart of the Sun and the Central Spiritual Sun.
    The line along which this vibratory activity of the Master reaches the disciple and draws him finally within the aura is:
    1. The buddhic permanent atom, or the intuitional vehicle of the advanced disciple.
    2. The love petals of the egoic lotus.
    3. The astral body in its highest aspect.
    4. The heart center.
  2. The radiation which comes from the atmic level or the will aspect of the Spiritual Triad. This is the emanatory expression of the capacity of the Master to enter into the Council at Shamballa, to register the purpose of God and to work with the Plan, which is the expression, in any given cycle, of the working out of the divine Will. This aspect of the Master's radiatory activity is of so high a nature that only the advanced initiate-chela can register it. It is transmitted into the physical consciousness of the disciple along the following lines:
    1. The atmic permanent atom or the focus of the spiritual will, the first aspect of the Spiritual Triad.
    2. The sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus.
    3. The etheric vehicle in its highest aspects.
    4. The head center.
    5. The center at the base of the spine, which is aroused into activity in response to the vibratory radiation of the other four points of transmission.

You will note from a study of the above how abstruse and difficult it is to put into words the nature of the vibratory activity of the Master. All I can do - in default of your intuitive understanding - is to put into technical and academic terms (thereby crystallizing the truth and somewhat distorting it) that which cannot be expressed.

This threefold radiation of the Master, as it expresses his planned activity and sphere of "influential emanation" is that which draws the disciple into his aura - not in this instance [757] the aura of the Ashram but of that which makes the ashramic aura possible - the Life of the Master.

One interesting fact might here be given. The moment when an initiate-chela has intensified his vibration so that it is identical with that of the Master and can hold that rate of vibration as his normal radiatory quality, then he himself becomes a Master. In every Ashram, there is always at a given moment some one disciple who is being trained to take the Master's place eventually, thereby releasing him for higher and more important work. As you know, I was the senior disciple of the Master K. H. and when I became a Master, I released him for higher work and my place in his group was taken by another disciple on the second ray; two disciples are needed to bring about the complete liberation of a Master from all ashramic work and I was the first of the two chosen to do this. The other has not yet made the grade. When this process of identification takes place, a moving forward of every member in the entire Ashram becomes possible, e'en though it seldom happens. Symbolically speaking, it might be described as a potent expanding impulse which widens the circle of the Ashram so that higher levels can be touched and lower spheres of influence can be included.

Some day, it will be all "realized Hierarchy" for the Hierarchy is but a state of consciousness with the life aspect, Shamballa, at the center, and the circle of humanity constituting the emanating factor, the radiatory influence or the aura, whereby the other kingdoms in nature are evoked into responsive activity.

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