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Discipleship in the New Age I - The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part IX

Each time we consider the various stages of discipleship, it becomes more difficult to give the neophyte a true picture of the state of consciousness and the inner situation and relationships. [765] This is also due to the fact that I am attempting to deal (in these more advanced stages) with awareness which have no parallel or correspondence in the experience of even the advanced aspirant. When we are considering the last three stages, we are definitely dealing with that which might be called the initiate-consciousness at a high stage of expansion and with knowledge for which we have no terminology.

Is it not apparent to you that the initiate of high degree lives in a world of reactions and of subtle phenomena which are totally unimaginable to the average disciple? He is, therefore, when functioning on the physical plane or in the three worlds, only bringing the lowest aspect of his consciousness into play and action. I have for years taught you, and your interest has been profound. Many of the technicalities of the occult sciences are yours and you know much theoretically. This is evidenced by the interest shown and in the questions submitted. These dealt with the permanent atoms, their functioning and vitalization.

From the standpoint of the initiate such questions are of no moment; to be interested in the permanent atoms is on a par with being interested in the nature of the gastric juices which make the process of living on the physical plane a continuous rebuilding. The analogy is closer than you think. Occultly speaking, a constant consideration of the digestive system or of any other of the bodily functions leads to difficulty. Chronic invalids are frequently so (though not in every case) because of their physical preoccupation with the form nature on the outer plane over a long period of years. It is possible (and I say this with deliberation) to have serious physical disability and yet to be so full of vitality and so uninterested in the physical mechanism that chronic invalidism (as usually understood) is not possible. This is not the same thing as the triumph of mind over matter or the theory of perfect health; it is a question of a surmounting energy-emphasis which negates the imposition of force effects upon the consciousness. Ponder on this last sentence because it holds the key to the right handling of the health problem in the future.

In the same way, a constant consideration of the permanent atoms and of the spirillae would lead to an intensification of [766] the form life and to the tyranny of force as it flows through them. There are undoubtedly analogies and correspondences that could be worked out in connection with the spirally in the microcosmic life and the planes and subplanes of the macrocosm with a possible subsequent relation of both to the seven centers, microcosmically understood, and the seven planetary schemes, macrocosmically understood. But the goal for the majority of aspirants is not to limit their consciousness by a concentration upon the minutiae, such as the permanent atoms and the details connected with the individual form nature. The objective of each aspirant is to expand his consciousness to include that which lies beyond himself, to attain to the more elevated states of consciousness in the life of the group and of humanity, and to integrate himself consciously into the Hierarchy, eventually into Shamballa, and occultly to "know" God in his many phases of all-inclusive extension and perfection.

A close concentration upon and study of the spirally and atoms would be scientifically and technically interesting and possible, but would not lead to increased spiritual development but to personality emphasis and, therefore, to increased difficulty in the treading of the Path. The more advanced a disciple the more dangerous such emphasis and preoccupation would be, whereas the scientist or the aspirant upon the Probationary Path could study such matters with relative impunity because he would not bring in the energy which could galvanize these points of force" into dangerous activity.

For this reason I am not dealing with the permanent atoms as there is no need for you to give time and consideration to them. If you are living as desired and if you are seeking to profit by my instructions, the training of the lower nature and the development of the forces which function as form "divinely consecrated," will proceed normally and safely. I mentioned the permanent atoms to show the lines of energy distribution but not in order to indicate any need for a mental interest in these aspects of form life.

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