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Discipleship in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction

The third stage, outlined by me during the past year's work, brought in a far more complicated activity than heretofore. I explained to you, if you will remember, that at the time of the full moon it was as if a door was opened between the Sun and Moon, making certain events of a spiritual nature possible. The band of golden light, extending between the Sun and the Moon, completely "irradiated the lunar surface" (to use the ancient formula) and made possible certain revelations. To students such as you, the symbolism should be apparent and can be seen as inviting a dual interpretation:

  1. It concerns the relation of the Solar Angel to the lunar forces, of the Sun and the Moon and their work in synthesis.
  2. It concerns the relation of the Hierarchy to humanity and consequently, of the subjective world to the objective worlds, of the realm of causes to the realm of effects. Ponder on this.

Individual approach must be merged into group approach, and the approach of groups will some day be superseded by the organized approach of humanity as a whole. This third stage can (like the two previous ones) be divided into the following activities, which require to be mentally grasped by the group:

1. That certain realizations become possible. These are two in number: [56]

  1. Realization one: That entrance upon the Path of Approach is possible for individuals, for groups, and for humanity as a whole, as a unit.
  2. Realization two: That energies, not usually or normally contacted, can be touched, grasped and utilized at the time of these Approaches, provided that they are contacted in group formation. Thus the individual, the group and humanity are enriched and vitalized.

2. That the spiritual Hierarchy can, at these times, be approached, verified and known, thus leading to active conscious cooperation with the Plan which the Hierarchy serves. It must be remembered that, on the side of the Hierarchy, a Technique of Approach to humanity will also be employed, and thus we have an essential dual activity. The first stage of this dual activity took place millions of years ago at the time of Individualization, and produced the emergence of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human family. The second stage is being rapidly worked out today, and will produce the emergence of Initiation. The intermediate stage is that of Integration. We have therefore the germ of a new scientific religion, called (as I have earlier pointed out) the Science of Approach. It is one in which humanity can now consciously share, for their stage in evolution warrants it. Men can today grasp the objective, share in the united aspiration, and carry out the needed requirements.

3. The time to be given, at this stage of the training, to the Full Moon Approach was shortened, but tremendously intensified, and the objective was to produce a far more dynamic activity. A state of tension had to be achieved, which would eventually release dynamic energy from - if possible - levels higher than that of the soul. Hence the need for group integration and work. This period was divided as follows:

  1. There were two days of intensive preparation. This involved the achieving of a right attitude of a dual kind: The group member fused his outer activity and [57] his inner orientation into one blended concentrated spiritual activity. He proceeded with his usual avocations, but at no time - whilst so occupied - was he to lose sight of the inner orientation and specific recollection. All the time he was outwardly busy, he was simultaneously occupied with a constant realization of retreat inward, a heightening of his vibration, and raising of his consciousness.
  2. On the day of the full moon, you were asked to go through a symbolic performance in the realm of the creative imagination, and through the medium of its agent, visualization. This performance involved the following steps:
    1. The recognition that in the blue disk, at the end of the golden pathway, was an ivory door which was slowly opening into a room with three windows
    2. The recognition that the group, as a unit, was advancing into that room and there, united in an act of solemn dedication, stands ready for revelation.
    3. The recognition, by the group, of me, your teacher and Tibetan brother, and the saying by all of us together of the Great Invocation. This produces fusion and releases something from "that which lies above to that which lies below," speaking in  the words of symbolism.

It will be obvious to you that in this symbolic ritual there is typified, first of all the Path, the goal, the kingdom of God, distinguished by spiritual mind, spiritual love and spiritual will (the three windows, atma-buddhi-manas, or the three aspects of the soul). Secondly, the focusing of the consciousness in that of the soul, followed by a group dedication; and, finally, that humanity (symbolized by the group) and the Hierarchy (symbolized by me) and the subsequent voicing by me of certain Words of Power were all intended to produce the fusion of the objective and subjective worlds and the consequent emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature. Thus the skeleton structure of the new religious ceremonial [58] can be dimly seen and inadequately sensed. This stage is followed by:

4. Two days of intensive recollection by the group in their brain consciousness. This involves:

  1. The development of the power to recall the Words of Power which had been spoken by me, and later, the listening for a Word of Power. This recognition of the Words will be one of the major objectives of the new world religion, and hence our effort (not particularly successful hitherto) to do something symbolically analogous in our group activity.
  2. A subsequent definite intensification of the life processes, and a spiritual demonstration upon the physical plane as a result.

The above elucidation should give you a new and more intelligent grasp of the symbolic significances of the work we are now attempting.

I am going to ask you to go over the whole process in these first three major stages, studying with care my interpretation.

  1. During the months of January and February, please study what I have said, reading and rereading it until it is clear and fixed in your minds.
  2. During March take the first stage and work faithfully at it.
  3. During April take the second stage.
  4. During May, take the third stage. Then for the remainder of the time, until October, work at this third stage. In October, if you have faithfully fulfiled requirement, I will outline the work next to be done. May I ask for your real interest, service and cooperation?

Your personal instructions I have placed at the end to indicate to you its relative importance and so impress upon you the necessity for your individual teaching taking a secondary [59] place; it is of less importance than the group development and the service of humanity. You will all awaken some day to the realization that the Science of Service is of greater importance than the Science of Meditation, because it is the effort and the strenuous activity of the serving disciple which evokes the soul powers, makes meditation an essential requirement, and is the mode - ahead of all others - which invokes the Spiritual Triad, brings about the intensification of the spiritual life, forces the building of the antahkarana, and leads in a graded series of renunciations to the Great Renunciation, which sets the disciple free for all eternity.

I am giving you here certain needed hints and much upon which to ponder. I give you of my time and of my love, of my interest and my understanding. Let us together serve.

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