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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part I
Stage I
  1. Reflective alignment of soul and personality, using the creative imagination in the process. This is a "feeling" or astral activity.
  2. Assumed relation of solar plexus, heart and head, and the focus of the assuming consciousness to be in the region of the ajna center. This is done mentally.
  3. When this has been achieved and realized, there follows next the concentration of aspiration and of thought in the heart center, imagining it to be just between the shoulder blades. It must be recognized that the concentration of thought energy is definitely there.
  4. Then follows the conscious and pictorial (or imaginative) withdrawal of the heart's aspiration, life and [117] devotion into the center above the head (the thousand-petalled lotus), and its conscious focusing there.
  5. When this stage has been reached, and the conscious recognition of place and activity is being gently yet surely held, then sound the Sacred Word, OM, very softly three times, breathing out and towards.
    1. The Soul.
    2. The Hierarchy.
    3. Humanity.

    These three recognized factors now constitute a definite and linked triangle of force.

  6. Then say with heartfelt intent (consider the significance of those two words) the invocation which I gave you in my communication in September, 1939:

      The sons of men are one and I am one with them.
      I seek to love, not hate;
      I seek to serve and not exact due service;
      I seek to heal, not hurt.

      Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
      Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events,
      And bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time.

      Let vision come and insight.
      Let the future stand revealed.
      Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
      Let love prevail.
      Let all men love.

  1. Endeavor throughout the day to continue holding this recollection steady and work always in due remembrance of the morning's meditation.

This activity should take only a few minutes, but if it is carried out with a fully awakened consciousness and with the [118] most carefully focused attention, the results may be most potent and effective - far more so than you may think. The meditation should take less than ten minutes, after you have succeeded in familiarizing yourself with the process; firm foundations will thus be laid for the group work and the group meditation, which I intend to give you in May, when I will give you your personal and group instructions.

At the time of the Full Moon each month - dating from the time that you receive these instructions and until further notice - I would ask you to work as follows:

  1. Group yourselves, all twenty-four of you, symbolically, pictorially and imaginatively around your Teacher, and - with him - face the East, standing in a semicircle slightly behind Him.
  2. Then stretching out your hands in blessing, say together with solemn, voiced intent the formula or Mantram of Unification, beginning "The sons of men are one," which you have been using each morning in your personal meditation. Throw the power of your focused thought and will into and behind the words.
  3. Stand then together in the light which streams ever from the East and see it pouring through the Master to each of you, entering by the head center, passing from thence to the heart center, and then from the heart it is directed by an act of the focused will - expressed and propelled forth consciously - to the quiescent point of dim light within the solar plexus.
  4. Then, withdrawing again to the head center, endeavor consciously to see the three centers (head, heart and solar plexus) linked together so that the heads of all the group members are thinking as one and the hearts of the group members are loving as one. Your aspiration also (through the spiritual awakening of the solar plexus) will then surge upwards as one spontaneous movement. This will in due time create a magnetic field of light and life, within which the New Group of World Servers will live, mature and come to fruition. [119]

Keep the whole process, my brother, very simple and uncomplicated in your mind. If you will follow the above instructions with the simplicity of a little child, you will bring about a situation wherein work will be possible. Look not for results. Yours is to do the outlined work and this, when rightly done, makes the due result inevitable. But as I told you before, "it is the inner life of reflection and the outer life of expressed love which will determine the success of the needed group relation and the potency of its future work" in the service of humanity.

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