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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part III
Part III

As individuals, many of you have used regularly, (and profited thereby) the meditation which I gave you thus far in this series of instructions. But speaking generally, the group as a whole has not given as much attention and thought to the processes outlined in the two parts of the one [126] meditation, as I had hoped and asked. I would ask you, therefore, to renew your activity along this line from now until May, when - if you work with tension and achieve results - can give you another meditation which will climax the work done and bring another center into activity. There is little that I can do with you until this meditation work has been patiently and regularly done and produced effective results - from my point of view. I shall not be able to give you another meditation unless you strive afresh, and together, at the daily process outlined by me.

This meditation is one of the most important of the steps I shall ever ask you to take in these early preparatory stages of your work. It must precede the more definite training which may be possible if you persevere in the work outlined. I would remind you that this is my last effort with you in this incarnation and on the physical plane. You have put your hand to the plow and there is no turning back for any of you, but the time factor is determined by each of you and not by me. There may be times in the process of training you and preparing you for initiation when you may temporarily fail to understand the reasons for the requests I may make and for the requirements presented to you. Forget not that the aspirant to the Mysteries proceeds blindly in the early stages; only after the third initiation do the scales fall from his eyes. Therefore, follow obediently (though voluntarily) my requests as I endeavor to teach you the ancient rules.

Will you also, at this point, study anew the teaching I gave in the earlier instructions on the theme of Visualization and explained why it is the secret of all true meditation work in its earlier stages? I seek not to repeat, but that teaching is needed by you at this stage. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I. Pages 89-91).

In connection with your Full Moon work, I seek to change the process which has been followed by you for so long - the process of entering my study and there contacting me. I will give you another symbolic process which will follow five stages: [127]

  1. At the time of the Full Moon (covering five days) picture to yourselves an ocean of blue and upon the horizon can be seen slowly rising a blazing sun.
  2. Picture yourself as throwing yourself into the ocean, free of all encumbrances, worries, anxieties and cares, and as swimming towards a rowboat, lying midway between you and the rising Sun. As you swim, you become aware of your group brothers, also swimming in the same direction. You recognize, know and love each other.
  3. Then visualize yourself as climbing into the boat. When all of the group are in, then see yourselves as each grasping an oar, and together, rhythmically and steadily, rowing towards the rising Sun. There is harmony of stroke, of purpose and of direction.
  4. Then see - between you and the rising Sun - a figure moving toward you. It will be myself (the Master D.K.), coming from the light, in your direction. In the clear pathway of the light you can see me distinctly. You see me together.
  5. Then say, inaudibly, yet as a group:

"Into the light we move, beckoned thereto by thee. Out of the dark we come, driven thereto by the soul of all. Up from the earth we spring and into the ocean of light we plunge. Together we come. Together we move, guided and led by the soul we serve and by thee, the Master we know. The Master within and the Master without are One. That One are we. The One is all - my soul, thy soul, the Master and the soul of all."

If you will each of you do this on the five days of the Full Moon (as earlier detailed), you will produce a group fusion of purpose which is for you the next desired step. You have worked at a group fusion in love; some success is apparent. Now work at the united evocation of the will.

Each month send in your Full Moon report. I would ask you to do this each month, embodying your Full Moon report [128] and your meditation report into one unit because the activity of reporting is of real service in centralizing your thought and therefore your life within the group life. It is simply in the nature of a symbolic happening - a symbol of your progress, your purpose, your contribution and your cooperation, and all from the group angle. Therein lies its value. The so-called informative aspect of these reports is relatively negligible as such to groups like this. But the symbolic usefulness is great and has a definite group usefulness.

One suggestion I will make. At the time of your Full Moon Approach to me, endeavor to have in your consciousness the words from Formula One (given in Section Three): "Upon the stream, between the two extremes, there floats the eye of vision." You need to remember that from one point of view these symbols are related to the antahkarana, that line between two points, and that as you build the antahkarana in your own lives so will be the growth of your understanding of the formula. As you progress upon the "way of the chela," so will grow your power. Use the formula actively as far as you can and do not rest satisfied with just attempting to understand some of its significances. It has a magical import, and when understanding is coupled with the use of the will, this formula constitutes a Word of Power of magical service.

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