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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part VI
I have given you this meditation in some detail, as I am anxious to have you comprehend what it is you will be doing. A shortened form of the meditation follows at the close of this general instruction.

At the end of each month, go through the ideas you have jotted down in your daily work and from them pick three which seem to carry the most inspiration and which you judge could be a seed for useful distribution or transmission. At the close of the year send in your thirty-six seed thoughts. As you will all have been using the same theme-words, much help can be accorded to the entire group by each of you. You will find this work most interesting. It is, in a way, a tiny reflection of the technique of the Hierarchy and the way the Masters work (though on a much higher turn of the spiral) in times of crisis, or when there is need for all the groups or Ashrams - as there is today - to unite in some endeavor, necessitated by the need of humanity or by some planetary emergency. The Masters, starting their work on one of the planes of the Spiritual Triad, instead of the mental plane as do their disciples, concentrate on the "theme" under their consideration, during the period of three Full Moons. They then meet in conclave and each makes his contribution to the joint problem, as also does the Christ and, at critical times, Members of the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara. On the basis of the proposals, and after due analysis and discussion, the united decision is transmitted by impression to the initiates and disciples in the Ashrams, and from them to the world. If you study the above statement you will see the importance of the meditation which I have outlined; it is to prepare you for closer work - along correct hierarchical lines - in the Ashrams and with the Master. [148]


I. Preliminary stage of recognition, consideration and fixed determination.

II. The Center of Focused Thought:

  1. Polarization.
  2. Orientation.
  3. Meditation on theme word.
  4. OM. Pause.

III. The Recipient of Impression:

  1. Statement of highest idea received.
  2. Relation of theme to present world opportunity.
  3. Write down first thought then received.
  4. OM. Refocus on mental plane.

IV. The Analyzer of Ideas:

  1. Period of analytic thought.
  2. Summarize conclusions practically.
  3. Breathe out the idea into the world of thought.
  4. OM.

V. The Transmitter of Ideas:

  1. Dedication of yourself to service.
  2. Pledge yourself to the Master.
  3. Say the mantram: "The sons of men are one...

VI. Intensive work at the time of the Full Moon along established lines.

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