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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part IX
Part IX

Six meditations have already been given to you, culminating in the meditation on the Great Invocation. How closely you have followed this last meditation I know not. My attention [177] has been occupied with many vital matters and also with the effort to render futile a series of attacks upon the Hierarchy; these are being engineered in various parts of the world by spurious claimants to world discipleship. They were mainly aimed at A.A.B., and she could have absorbed them, as she has frequently done in the past, had it not been for, the direct line of attack on my Ashram...As I have told you, my Ashram, and to a lesser extent that of K.H., have felt some of the repercussions, and A.A.B. has been unable to deflect all of it. I have had, therefore, to do some protective work; that is now finished, and I am somewhat freer.

I plan to give you the seventh and last meditation, and with these seven outlined meditations you will have plenty of work to do for the remainder of this incarnation. The ones hitherto given are all planned and sequentially related to each other. The first one started with the heart, as must all divine expression and all true creative work. Next the factor of energy was considered and the seven points of energy reception were noted. Then followed an exercise on, alignment, so that the structure or the "set-up" (if I may use such a word) of the inner spiritual man might be correctly oriented and aligned, and thus present no obstacle to the inflow of divine energy. These three meditations are of major importance, but quite elementary. They had, however, to precede any meditation (and its subsequent effects) that was in any way related to my Ashram as was the next. A meditation on certain theme words, as they embodied an idea, was then given; the meditation was totally different to the preceding three in its emphasis, which now has no relation to the disciple - as had the earlier three; they related almost entirely to preparatory work for ashramic service.

The first definite act of this type of service was embodied for you in the sixth meditation, in which the group was given the task (or rather the spiritual enterprise) of launching the Great Invocation. The magnitude of this task you have never realized and you have done little of a truly objective nature to bring this Invocation to the attention of the public. Three of you have done a great deal; the rest little or nothing at all. [178]

Now I will outline for you a meditation which is not easy for you to do, but which symbolizes both the vertical and the horizontal life of the disciple; this meditation is, again, built up around certain words esoterically understood.

  1. Affirm earnestly your discipleship and endeavor to link up with me, as the Master of the Ashram.
  2. Say the Great Invocation, emphasizing one of the four stanzas during each of the four weeks of the month, and dwelling on its significance longer than the others.
  3. Your meditation must then be built up around eight words which you can arrange within your consciousness in the following manner:


This Cross concerns your VERTICAL life



This Cross concerns your HORIZONTAL life

The mode of your application of all this must be related to your daily life expression, and at some point you (the incarnated soul) must realize the factual nature of your dual life as a disciple. This the superimposed Crosses show. [179]


  1. Give ten or fifteen minutes to the consideration of the Vertical-Horizontal life and note how one vertical line supports the other lines in many cases, but that no horizontal lines do this.
  2. Taking your stand at the point where all the lines meet, endeavor to realize yourself as the one at the center, radiating throughout your most definitely defined ring-pass-not.
  3. Then sound the OM seven times inaudibly.

One of the formulas, brother of old, is related to this meditation. You would find it of value to contrast what is said.

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