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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part X - Meditation I
Meditation I - Heart Control - Transference

You have here a technique whereby you create a line of related energy between the solar plexus center and the heart center. This is in reality a reflection or a symbolic activity [180] (within the physical man, or rather, his etheric centers) of the building of the antahkarana. Bear in mind here, as always, that the etheric body is a physical mechanism.

It was this meditation which started the rhythm which made possible the presentation of the new Invocation to the world; I refer not solely to its use by you but to its use by many disciples in many Ashrams. The exhaustion of emotion and its transference - as a force - into the heart, there to be transmuted into the energy of love, was symbolically undertaken during the time that humanity was developing certain new recognitions. Humanity, through the exhaustion of emotional energy (incidental to the war agony) is today far more heart-conscious than at any other time in its history. Had you realized that and the opportunity with which you were presented?

The world of men has been subjected to such strain and suffering that hundreds of thousands in nearly every land - either factually or imaginatively - could "feel" no more; the solar plexus center could take or absorb no more. Nothing was left to the sufferer but the realization that all men everywhere were in a similar plight and that this community of shared agony brought all men together, irrespective of nation, religion or class.

Therefore, for the first time in their history, humanity began to recognize a definite phase of universality; mankind as a whole began to "share in the heart's reaction." This happened so generally and so acutely that the heart - as a motivating radiance - became a point of human focus. One of the first fruits of suffering, as universally shared, has appeared on Earth, and in its appearing all future suffering will be greatly lessened.

I seek to give this first meditation an added importance in your eyes. Much that I have given you has significance far beyond your crediting; these significances will appear if you follow instructions and do these meditations carefully, regularly and sincerely. It would profit you much in the years to come if you followed this meditation formula each day for two months, doing so with intensity. You should also endeavor to realize not only your individual reaction, but to [181] recognize also the symbolic import of what you are doing. Those of you also who know with certainty that you are being specifically prepared for the second initiation would do well to follow this meditation for one week in each month of the year.

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