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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part XIII
See you, therefore, how all that is, is created by meditation, by desire merging into transient thought, and transient thought becoming clear thinking and, eventually, abstract and transcendent thought. Prolonged concentration upon some form or another eventually becomes meditation upon that which is not of the nature of form; from thence it passes into that contemplation which is the source of inspiration and of illumination.

Trace these concepts which you, who have studied the Science of Meditation, know to constitute its recognized stages, and note how each stage is creative in nature, each stage produces creative changes and that (as far as humanity is concerned) the Christ spoke scientifically and also in a planetary sense when he said: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

You have, therefore, three major groups of thinkers and three other groups of intensive, creative thinkers, all of them responsible for and also dedicated to the comprehension of the divine Purpose as it works out through the spiritual hierarchical Plan; this is applied under the Law of Evolution to humanity and, through humanity, to the subhuman kingdoms in nature. From the human family, all divine Lives and Beings have come; in humanity the creative process is constantly working; and into humanity all subhuman lives must eventually proceed. As regards the meditative creative process, the diagram on the following page may serve somewhat to clear your minds: [214]


The three subhuman Kingdoms in Nature.
Esoterically, the reflection of the three major groups, listed above.

We need not deal here with the higher groups of spiritual Intermediaries and their techniques of creative work, because their meditation lies on too high a level for your consideration. But the meditation work done by the Hierarchy and by the New Group of World Servers lies within your range of understanding; many disciples will read what I am here saying and, in time, many of the lesser workers and aspirants in the ranks of the group will come to an understanding of my meaning. It might profit us if I briefly stated [215] the grades of meditative work, leading to creative result of an effective nature, upon which you might reflect. For our purposes we will divide them into seven grades, of which four might be regarded as individual and the other three types as representative of their group nature:

1 . Desire, leading to the attainment in the three worlds of that which the lower man desires and wants; this will include the desires of the lowest types of human beings through all intermediate types up to and inclusive of the aspirational mystic,

2. Prayer; this is the stage wherein the aspirant, the mystic or the spiritually inclined man blends personality desire with aspiration for soul relation and contact; he, through the proved efficacy of prayer, discovers the subtler powers and the fact of the essential dualism of life; he finds that he himself is both a lower self and a higher Self.

3. Mental reflection or concentrated thinking. This in time produces integration and definite personality achievement in the three worlds, leading eventually to controlled reflection and scientific or concentrated thought; this type of thinking has produced all the creative wonders of our modern civilization and it culminates in the concentration achieved in occult meditation. This meditation finally brings about the reorientation of the personality and soul fusion.

4. Straight meditation. This is a focused, concentrated mental attitude and fixed reflection; it is creative in nature, for it creates the "new man in Christ" or produces the soul-infused personality; this personality then proceeds to recreate his environment and to cooperate consciously with the creative work of the Hierarchy.

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