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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part XIV
Part XIV

In my last series of instructions I gave you a group meditation which was based upon the furthering of the work of the New Group of World Servers, as they sought to prepare humanity for the reappearance of the Christ. That preparatory work is the major incentive lying back of all that I do, and was the prime reason for the formation of the group in the early part of this century. Pioneers of this group appeared in the nineteenth century but the organization, as it now exists, is of relatively modern days.

In this instruction we will consider the relation of group meditation to the work of the New Group of World Servers, and the necessity of establishing in the world a united world group, given to unanimous and simultaneous meditation upon the work of preparing the world for the new order and for the jurisdiction of the Christ (if I may use such a phrase).

It is necessary for you all to get a wider vision of the enterprise which this group has undertaken, or else the meditation work which you will do will hinder and not help. The task of the group of World Servers is not the spreading of esoteric or occult information. In preparing the world of [232] men for the reappearance of the Christ, the needs of all the many grades in the social order must be met; world groups of every description have to be contacted. Much of the work to be done, therefore, will be purely economic and will concern the right feeding and the development of a true security for millions who - for many lives - will not be interested in matters esoteric. The reform of the churches of the many world religions is another aspect of the same work, requiring no occult information but the introduction of common sense and progressive ideas into theology, and the shift of the ecclesiastical emphasis from material values to the spiritual. The political regimes of the world need orienting to each other; it has never been the divine plan that all nations and races should conform to some standard political ideology or be reduced to a uniform general form of government. Nations differ; they have different cultures and traditions; they can function adequately under varying and distinctive governments; nevertheless, they can at the same time attain a unity of purpose, based upon a genuine desire for the true welfare and progress of all men everywhere.

In all these spheres of human thought and activity, the New Group of World Servers are playing a prominent part. At the very heart of that worldwide group are those who are in the Ashrams of the Masters - as are some of you - or on the periphery or within the sphere of influence of these Ashrams. Their task is largely a meditative one, carried on in order to influence the minds of those members of the group who are not yet in touch with any Ashram; they work thus from humanitarian, interested and basically ray reasons, and all such members are more or less under the control of their soul ray; this affects most definitely the varying fields of service. These are the areas of thought within the human family wherein the preparation for the coming of the Christ must be carried forward; but this activity is not, as a rule, associated with the esoteric angle or approach to truth but strictly with the angle of the betterment of human relationships. The Christ himself (two thousand years ago) tried to demonstrate this mode of helpful activity; he kept the esoteric teaching for the few, the very few, who could approach [233] understanding, but he dealt with the masses from the angle of common sense and physical plane helpfulness. Have this ever in mind.

I have been for some time seeking to impress upon you the eternal fact that the entire universe has been created and its evolution processed through the power of thought, which is only another word for controlled meditation. This covers the combined meditation of numerous subjective, spiritual and mental groups; the laws of this meditative work are the result of certain mental determinations, which embody the will of the planetary Logos and are imposed upon all lesser groups of lives by those whose task it is to wield the divine laws and enforce them. Freedom of the will is here to be noted in relation to the Time concept but not in relation to the final and inevitable divine results at the end of the immense world period. The major thought-form of the spiritual Hierarchy, created by joint ashramic meditation, is called by us the Plan. The basic purpose of Sanat Kumara is revealed from cycle to cycle by his Agents in Shamballa, and is by them impressed upon the minds of the senior Members of the Hierarchy. They, in their turn, make this impression the subject of their ashramic meditation, adapting its various concepts and the outlined purpose to a most carefully formulated Plan, presenting - as far as humanity is concerned - seven aspects or phases of evolutionary development and endeavor, according to the work desired of any Ray Ashram implicated at any particular time. Each Ashram thus undertakes meditation upon the general Plan and thus (if you could but realize it) each initiate and disciple finds his place and sphere of activity and service - from the very highest initiate to the least important disciple.

You might here ask: What is the value of the meditation and contribution of a new disciple, unaccustomed to ashramic patterns of thought and unable to carry much weight in the general group meditation? That is a questioning worth answering and of great encouragement to the neophyte. The various grades and ranks of initiates and disciples are so constituted that the result of their meditation upon the Plan is that the many needs of the varying masses of humanity (from [234] those of the advanced intelligentsia down to those of the unskilled laborer) can be adequately met and the great mass of men swung accurately into line with evolutionary purpose.

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