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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part XIV
Earlier in this instruction I used the words: "An united world group given to unanimous and simultaneous meditation... for the jurisdiction of the Christ." I particularly want to call your attention to this last phrase which introduces a new concept into the preparatory work to be done by the New Group of World Servers. The task is, through meditation, to establish the knowledge of and the functioning of those laws and principles which will control the coming era, the new civilization and the future world culture. Until the foundation for the coming "jurisdiction" is at least laid, the Christ cannot reappear; if He came without this due preparation, much time, effort and spiritual energy would be lost. Therefore, we must assume (if these premises are accepted) that there must be organized - in the near future - a group of men and women in every country who, under due and proper organization, will "simultaneously and unanimously" meditate upon those juridical measures and those basic laws [237] upon which the rule of Christ will be founded and which are essentially the laws of the Kingdom of God, the fifth kingdom in the evolutionary and natural processes of planetary unfoldment.

So much has been discussed in relation to these laws from the mystical and strictly Christian angle that the terms used are essentially meaningless; the whole subject requires revitalizing; it needs to be endowed with a fresh and new presentation and a new terminology, more suited to the growing mental grasp of the scientific and modern mind. There has been endless talk about Brotherhood and the establishing of the principle that we are all the children of God, and this has done little to change men's approach to each other and to the shared human problems.

The New Group of World Servers will talk in other terms and their emphasis will be upon:

  1. The Law of Right Human Relations.
  2. The Principle of Goodwill.
  3. The Law of Group Endeavor.
  4. The Principle of Unanimity.
  5. The Law of Spiritual Approach.
  6. The Principle of Essential Divinity.

If you will study the many books which I have written, you will discover that they have been basically occupied with the rules which govern the ability to do group work - which is the work to which the Hierarchy is eternally committed. I have given you the Rules for Disciples in A Treatise on White Magic, the Rules for Aspirants in Initiation, Human and Solar, the Rules for Disciples and Initiates in A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Volume V. In other volumes you will find the Rules for Group Work; all these rules are, in essence, modes of conduct which, when imposed upon, impressed upon and followed up by an aspirant, will enable him to reach an understanding of spiritual law and of the nature of the Kingdom of God. All these are preparatory to the establishing of the new dispensation on Earth.

I would also call your attention to the words "unanimous [238] and simultaneous" meditation; they are not idly chosen. A situation which is unanimous is not one which is - from the spiritual angle - imposed. It is in the nature of a spontaneous mutual reaction - a reaction which is evoked by the immediate response of a soul, in touch with its personality, to a spiritual truth or intuition, and from this there is no lower mind escape. The concept of unanimity which has been presented by Soviet Russia runs completely counter to the truth. Their idea is that the concept, the idea, the decision and the interpretation of a group of powerful men establishes the truth, and to this truth the docile masses render prompt allegiance. This is a basic misconception and to it no member of the New Group of World Servers will render homage; they will fight this imprisonment of the human soul to the last gasp. True unanimity is free decision in response to a presentation of truth which is as near the achieved reality as possible. Therefore, it is in the enunciation of truth that security for all men lies. This necessarily involves a deeply spiritual presentation of essential facts. The principle of simultaneity is allied to this, for a mutual recognition of an identical approach to truth renders inevitably activity in unison.

The whole point, brother of mine, is that in both connections the incentive towards activity lies with the individual and there is no imposing authority. The only authority recognized is the truth as it emerges in the human consciousness, in any world or historical cycle. Today more truth is being recognized (and incidentally, repudiated) than at any other time in human history. Men have attained the point in evolution where they are able to know the truth if and when presented, because the concrete human mind is now more highly responsive to abstract truth, and therefore to the next evolutionary presentation. It is this which the Totalitarian Powers, the unconscious (and I mean that, brother of mine) agents of the Black Lodge are fighting; they will not win; in the long run they cannot, for the human spirit is eternally sound and sane.

I would have you consider these suggestions with care and thus prepare yourselves for an elucidation of the spiritual [239] laws and principles, as themes for meditation. I herein present to you six themes for group meditation; this is essentially your next consideration if the "unanimous and simultaneous" meditation which can be immediately effective is organized and developed. [243]

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