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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part II
Part II

Points of Revelation

I have dealt considerably in my earlier writings with the theme, Points of Crisis. We can now approach and prove the livingness of our progress from the angle of Points of Revelation. The entire objective of the initiation preparatory process is to bring about revelation. You must ever bear in mind that that which is revealed is eternally present. There is, therefore, occult truth in the statement that there is "nothing new under the sun." All that is revealed upon the Path of Discipleship and of Initiation is forever there, but that which can perceive, reach out and include has developed with the ages. Upon the Path of Discipleship, in the earlier stages, the eye of vision is the illumined mind. Upon the Path of Initiation it is that of which the eye of the mind is the exteriorization - the intuitional perception of the soul itself. But as evolution proceeds, that which is brought to the point of perceiving the existing verities differs vastly as the centuries slip away. Even the adept of the present is pronouncedly more perceptive and more accurately interpretive and his vision more penetrative than was the adept in Atlantean days, and the initiate who will achieve initiate-perception during the coming Aquarian Age will be greatly in advance of those who now function as the adepts of today.

I have warned you that discipleship is becoming increasingly difficult. This is owing to the increased sensitivity to the esoteric values and realities which the modern disciple manifests. He can and does perceive that which was the goal of initiation in earlier aeons and perceives these things normally and as an established fact in a developed awareness. It is the spiritual parallel of the development during material evolution of the five senses. His goal and his "pointed direction" lie far ahead and his inclusiveness opens for him doors which in earlier times only opened to the initiate knock. I consequently hold out to you no easy way but only one of difficulty and adjustment. [253]

In all forward stages upon the Path of Initiation, there are three phases which concern the initiate-aspirant's reactions. There is first of all the vision of the soul, but whereas in the past there was the vision and the starting point, now the modern disciple perceives likewise many of the intermediate stages, the opposing forces, the obstructions and the rapidly arousing handicaps and hindrances. The words I here use are chosen with deliberation. He is not now totally blind nor does he move forward entirely in the dark. There is enough light in him to bring to him what is called the "little revelation," and, in that light, will he see the greater light and arrive at a truer perception. He sees himself, and that - for aeons - the disciple has ever been able to do. But now he also perceives and recognizes his brother in the light, and this evokes personality reactions and he has to adjust himself not only to himself as he discovers himself to be, but likewise to what he finds his brother also to be. This is no easy adjustment to make, and this the earlier imparted Rules of the Road (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, page 583-584.) will have indicated to you.

I would like here, my brother, to list for you the most important of the statements made by me in the previous instruction, indicating those which embody important hints and showing you, this one time, with what care I prepare that which I seek to impart and how, therefore, I expect from you a careful study of my words. Here are these key thoughts:

  1. Only that which you know for yourself and consciously experience is of importance. This refers especially to the following:
    1. Your perception of the vision.
    2. Your contact with me, your Master.
    3. Your recognition of the initiatory process.

I told you, therefore, that you must have (for the goal) the demonstrating of the initiate-consciousness through both mind and brain and consequently upon the physical plane. [254]

  1. Initiation is, as far as you are at present concerned, a "moment of crisis wherein the consciousness hovers upon the border line of revelation." This involves consequently:
    1. A tremendous pull between the pairs of opposites.
    2. The existence, as a result, of a field of tension.
    3. The effort to stand firm at the midway point.

I would remind you that this does not refer to the man upon the path of life, pulled as he is between the pairs of opposites upon the plane of desire, but to the soul standing at the midway point between the monad and the personality and preparing to make the Great Renunciation - a renunciation which the personality makes possible - and to disappear, leaving the two (personality and monad) perfectly at-one. It is the man, as the soul, in full waking consciousness who takes initiation. Hence the emphasis upon soul contact when a man is upon the Probationary Path and passing through the early stages of discipleship. This leads, later, to the emphasis placed upon the need for two major activities - before the man can take the higher initiations:

    1. Upon alignment.
    2. Upon the scientific building of the antahkarana.
  1. The revelation, given to the initiate, is not a vision of possibilities, but a factual experience, leading to:
    1. The evocation of new powers.
    2. The recognition of new modes and fields of service.
    3. Freedom of movement within the bounds of the Hierarchy.
    4. New hierarchical contacts and new responsibilities which face the initiate.

He, therefore, realizes what St. Paul meant when - talking in hierarchical terms - he said "All things are become new." It is not simply a question of vision and contacts but of vital interrelation and of recognition which bring with them insight into the Mind of God. [255]

  1. Four lines of teaching were emphasized in past centuries and up until the year 1875:
    1. Hints as to the changing of personality character as preparatory to initiation.
    2. Teaching as to the oneness of Deity and of the universal order.
    3. Instruction as to the creative process.
    4. Laya yoga or the yoga of energy, working through force centers.
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