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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part III
These expressions of the evolutionary development of humanity are related to the first manifesting qualities of the Will aspect. When I say this I give you a hint, reminding you that the candidate for initiation grows by the recognition and the interpretation of hints, and by extracting from a hint its true significance. The will is not, as so many believe, a forceful expression of intention; it is not a fixed determination to do thus and so or to make certain things to be. It is fundamentally an expression of the Law of Sacrifice; under this law, the unit recognizes responsibility, identifies itself with [270] the whole, and learns the esoteric significance of the words: "Having nothing (sacrifice) and yet possessing all things (universality)." I would ask you to reflect upon these words of the great initiate, St. Paul. The full expression of these highest spiritual qualities (from the angle of modern man) comes after the fourth initiation, that of the Great Renunciation. Everything is then relinquished in order that everything may be held in trust and used for the good of all; the will-to-good then dominates. Hence the necessity for the scientific construction of the rainbow bridge; hence the emphasis upon the Monad, the Father aspect which can now be revealed and known, because the work of aeons is culminating in a general soul contact, where humanity as a whole is concerned. This is testified to by the fact that so very many thousands have (as I have several times told you) taken the first initiation. The Christ Child is present in truth, and the human heart and mind are becoming aware of that fact; the goal for thousands everywhere is the demonstration of the Christ spirit, and the exemplification of a life conditioned by love and modeled upon that of Christ or Shri Krishna, his earlier incarnation.

This makes possible, therefore, the next great human unfoldment which grows out of the Christ consciousness and "brings to light" (I know no other way in which to express this concept) the will of God, and points also to the basic distinction between goodwill and the will-to-good. Again I would ask you to reflect upon this distinction, for it connotes the difference between a life ruled and conditioned by the soul and one which is ruled and conditioned by the Spiritual Triad. This distinction is very real, for one quality grows out of love, and the other out of the recognition of the universality of life; one is an expression of the Christ consciousness and life, and the other is a responsiveness to monadic inflow, and yet the two are one. More anent this will be indicated as you study the teaching upon the antahkarana.

One of the tasks which I have undertaken is to awaken the aspirants and the disciples of the world to the new possibilities and to the new incoming potencies which can become available for use, if they will pass on to a fuller grasp of the developments since 1425 A.D. Much that I am giving and [271] shall in the future give anent initiation, its methods, processes and application will appear entirely new. The New Age will bring in eventually a civilization and a culture which will be utterly different to anything hitherto known. I would remind you here that all civilizations and cultures are externalizations - modified, qualified and adapted to racial and national needs - of the potent, vibrating and planned activity of the world initiates and disciples who constitute the Hierarchy of the time. Their plans, their thinking and their living potency pour out ceaselessly and affect the consciousness of their disciples; these latter step down the inflowing energies so that the thinkers and idealists can grasp these new emerging truths more accurately. Eventually the truths thus grasped change the consciousness of humanity as a whole and raise it - if you like that phrase; thus modes of daily living, civilized methods of conduct and cultural developments eventuate. All this is traceable to the group of initiates upon the inner side who thus serve their fellowmen and carry forward, consciously and with intent, the Law of Evolution. Whilst doing this, they themselves are preparing to tread the "Way of the Higher Evolution." What that Way is I cannot tell you, for you would be unable to grasp its meaning; it is related to the spiritual condition and purpose of the Monad whose goal is not expansion of consciousness, but of that which such expansions of consciousness will reveal - a very different matter and one which is as yet entirely meaningless to anyone who has not taken the third initiation. Forget not, the Christ and his great Brothers, and all of an even higher initiate-rank than they possess, have a definite goal, but it is one which will only define itself clearly in the third solar system, the system in which the Will of God is the dominant idea, as the Love of God conditions this system in which we now function. But this is not consciousness or awareness; it is a stage of Being which is connected with the Law of Sacrifice - the law which governs those states of being which grow out of the establishment of right human relations.

Purpose can only be revealed and understood when such right relations are the firmly fixed habits of all "points of [272] divine expression." You can see, therefore, why it is not possible for those in process of grasping the need for right human relations to understand more than that a great possibility lies ahead. Of the nature of this possibility only the higher ranks of initiates are aware, and towards it they strive.

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