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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part III
Points of Revelation

This almost brings us automatically to the third aspect of preparation for initiation which I called in an earlier instruction the "presentation of points of revelation." These formulas, when rightly studied and eventually somewhat apprehended, at least intellectually, carry the disciple to the point where that which is new, hitherto unrealized and for which no words exist, is suddenly contacted. St. Paul had reached such a point when he referred to "the third heaven as it veiled the seventh" (which was the original wording, deleted by the recipients of his message at that time as utterly meaningless). Eye has not seen nor has ear heard the inexpressible revelation which comes to the initiate who can penetrate into certain high places where the nature of the divine Will suddenly assumes a different and amazing significance, where the purposes being worked out in the Council Chamber of Shamballa are visited - not in detail but as [275] a suddenly contacted inspiration; then for the first time the initiate becomes consciously receptive to the energy pouring into the Hierarchy from the Great White Lodge on Sirius.

It is at this point of revelation and in relation to this symbol that the initiate eventually stands. Then the "many lines of force within the square become the seven paths of light which claim his choice, leading him on to the seven fold Path of initiate evolution." This is the Way of the Higher Evolution of which man knows nothing. The words refer to the seven paths which the Master has to consider and from which he has to choose his future Way. Then the symbol takes on the following form:


"All paths meet at the center. The many become the seven and the eight. From point to point the lines converge. They stretch from point to point. The outer square, the circle of the One and the point of unity are seen as one, and the Master passes on his way."

He has penetrated to the center by passing along the antahkarana which he has himself constructed. There he polarizes himself and takes his stand, and from thence - at the center of the circle and within the square of service - he precipitates the energies and forces which that service demands. From these few hints you can grasp the nature of this symbol and the quality of its meaning, plus the potency of the force which (through its correct apprehension) can carry the initiate-disciple from "the unreal to the Real."

The first formula was basically concerned with the monadic significance of the words "from darkness to Light," leading to vision and illumined purpose; the second formula gives the higher significance to the words "from the unreal to the Real," whilst the third we shall find expresses the true [276] meaning of the words "from death to Immortality." Thus this prayer of the ancient past becomes the present effort of the distant future. Can you understand this statement, brother of mine? Into that light, that reality and that life the initiate penetrates. In that light of reality and life, he polarizes himself, and from that point of universal life, reality and light he works.

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